Wild Talents: The Heroes of New Arcadia Episode 8

The philosophy of every Player Character ever summarized on a t-shirt The Heroes of New Arcadia have made contact with the mysterious and powerful leader of the Syndicate, a telepathic scientist named Paragon. She wishes to deal with the heroes but will they accept a compromise or not? Furthermore, the hero Chirop must pay for his crimes but what will the federal government demand of him? As the seconds count down, can our heroes come up with a suitable plan to stop the threat of the Syndicate once and for all?

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  1. A dead man wonders what “human morality” means to him as he lives on in a robot suit, those like him unwilling to take sides in a conflict he feels is so important. A broken-hearted construction worker loses his grip on reality, able to focus only on the coming battle. A cyborg works desperately to keep the city together in a three way play for power by rival gangs. The genius vagrant in a powered suit finds himself powerless when he’s thought to be a villain. And as the hours roll towards the inevitable clash of the total forces of the Syndicate and our heroes… One manbat can only await trial for crimes he knows he is truly guilty for.
    On the next Actual Play… Heroes. Will. Die.

    (Somehow, the seventeen year old keeps his shit together pretty well. Get it together, olds.)

  2. I SCENT SEASON TWO ON THE AIR. so excite. both campaigns are hitting the next phase simultaneous-like! was this your dark intention, Ross Payton? are you manipulating us?

    also if you break the giant combat into two episodes I’ll be tormented sir tormented by the break in between.

    and Median’s end-of-season breakdowns are hilarious

    that is all! yay New Arcadia

  3. What happened to Bill? I miss his sleepy voice and the heroes need every Man-jack they can get for the coming fight.

  4. Caleb will you have my children? On a serious note though great to everyone in this episode but my hat has to go off to Caleb for being just spectacular.

  5. Awesome. This episode had a lot of scenes that I could really imaging reading in a comic book. My mind couldn’t help but visualize wide angle shots of Median knocking shit around in the kitchen, his outbursts of frustration expressed in jagged “yell” balloons and oversize, italicized text. The juxtaposition of his angry rage and ever one else basically ignoring him and continuing plotting was so comic booky I’m certain I’ve read it before (I’m not enough of a comicbook nerd to give references but I wish I was). Props to everyone for staying so in character, especially Jason. And special mention should go to Caleb for actively trying to involve Tom in the game (I laughed out loud when he sarcastically exclaimed “I’M JUST TRYING TO KEEP YOU INVOLVED TOM!”).

    A spoiler in one of the other APs (Dark Revelations, ahem, thanks for not editing that out guys… I kid, I kid, it would have been a giant pain in the ass) had me hoping for something truly climactic that never came, but the anticipation will make the payoff even greater. Thanks for the episode, looking forward to more.

  6. Fantastic episode. Such building tension. I can’t wait to see what comes next.

  7. I hope everyone likes the sound of dice rolling, frustrated cursing, and screams of terror. There is like 5 hours of that stuff coming up next time in this campaign.

  8. Every time Norm starts talking about his life I hear The Boss singing the beginning of “Downbound Train.”

  9. Woo! This is still quite awesome. The planning…oohhhh the planning! If y’all wuss out…I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forgive you. 🙂

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