Call of Cthulhu: Invictus part 2

Our pantheon of gods can beat up your pantheon of gods!A group of intrepid Roman adventurers has been ordered to investigate a supernatural threat endangering the Roman cities of Britannia. When they arrive, the heroes must first deal with the hidden dangers inside the walls of Roman settlements before venturing out to a farm afflicted with the unnatural. Underground cities, hidden cultists, enslaved mystics and more confront our heroes! Will they survive? Find out in this episode!

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  1. My mp3-player got stuffed with APs… Now its awesome-storage factor is over NINE THOUSAAAAND!!!

    PS I know this is an unrelated question, but what is Caleb’s profession, like, in real life? Thanks!

  2. Excellent session! This one was a much better listen, mostly due to Ross not having to constantly be looking up material.

  3. Caleb is a public school English teacher! in which role we can only imagine he is a goddamn superhero. I had one really amazing English teacher back in high school, but he pales, yae, pales in comparison to Caleb. if the role of English classes is to instill a love of fiction, I can’t imagine a better agent than Caleb. /creepymodeoff

    anyway THIS IS SO WEIRD. is Invictus always so full of spellcasting? it’s kinda interesting, but I super hope they get punished for it rull explicitly in the future (if it were a D&D/otherwise combat-heavy game, I’d write up specific thematic debuffs for every spell they knew). there’s a big thematic gap to be bridged between a modern CoC game where the supernatural is considered fiction and a fantasized oldschool game where everybody believes in magic and gods and shit. totally fun, though, I agree. I hope they get smeared in the next session! I don’t think I’ve seen an RPPR game go horrifically wrong yet, and I long to. =D

  4. Haha! Thanks for answer crawlkill šŸ™‚
    In two words: Caleb is awesome (Note: “Caleb” is not a word, it’s a superdimensional conccept of gamemastering *obvious wink*) Also, do you know what are his naughty pupils at school called? …”Pirates of the Calebean” šŸ™‚ I came up with this just now, hehe

  5. Huzzah! The fun has been doubled!
    No really guys, I shall start paperwork to make you gods or something. You are a replenishable source of entertainment of highest quality. 24/7. Just don’t break up or something!

  6. I’m not convinced Caleb is not a probate attorney. But the first APs I heard with him were Dirty World ones.

    Crawlkill, magic is fine, let them get used to it. So far I think they only have minor spells but players willing to read the books will get into more trouble eventually. The downward SAN spiral takes care of most things.

    So what did Tom hope to accomplish when he went down the ladder? All he did was yell at Aaron and then go back up. That just means it’s Thursday.

  7. I mean this in a nice way, I really do:

    Listening to this after doing much older APs, and one thing really stands out. Aaron sounds so much more confident. While before it was difficult to get over his speech, it is so much better now. <3 Aaron.

  8. i’d like to see an Invictus scenario where the supernatural threat is Jesus…i wonder what the stats would be? “Plot device power”? :3

  9. Although, if Tom and Thad can survive, all Tom needs to do is make the kill people for power deal and they can become immortal mythos threats to classic and modern era investigators.

  10. I’m in the middle of listening to the session. Thad is my favorite person. No words can express.

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