Call of Cthulhu: The Construct

Metachaos by  Alessandro BavariInspired by METACHAOS by Alessandro Bavari.

This episode dates back from last year’s Halloween but I had forgotten about it until today so I decided to share with you all now. A group of New Yorkers are lured overseas by a human trafficking syndicate for a sinister purpose – to be thrown into a mysterious structure known only as the Construct. The rules of reality are seemingly suspended inside but there is a dark logic at work. Two alien intelligences are at war. Can this group of unlikely survivors figure out how to escape the Construct and their captors?

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  1. god damn it Ross Payton. this was inspired by Metachaos? I thought it was an homage to SCP. this sure fuckin seems like an SCP Keter-level entity. and the trick or treaters made my life.

  2. This was fun on the Skype game that you ran. Playing the barista kicked ass.

  3. @crawlkill
    Oh, the SCP Foundation. How I love it.

    Has anybody else had their minds scarred by the “Revised File” and Revised After Action Report” logs on SCP-835?

    If not, enjoy:

    The links are at the bottom of the page, after the main entry.

  4. Yeah, I can definitely see that being some sort of SCP-entity. God damn. Awesome scenario.

    @Thad: That’s some really freaky stuff. I need to read some more SCP stuff asap.

  5. oh yes. the rape reef. that one’s definitely helped ruin my life. my current anti-favorite is the borehole arm and its telephone:


  6. Anyone played the SCP game? Containment Breach?

    Also to Ross: was this also somewhat inspired by Tom’s Divine Fire games? it kind of seemed like that to me nearer the end. at the very least like you were giving a nod to those games and Scott glancy’s modern game. Just based off the exposition the crime boss was saying from his panic room.

  7. Author

    I am planning to run a SCP based game sometime soon. I hinted at Divine Fire just as an homage. The entire idea behind it came from the video.

  8. I demand the machine to make more CoC games! I offer it the essence of the horrible monster Ross payton!!!!!!!

  9. Author

    @Suloyapla I ran that after I ran this session. Please note that it uses Nemesis instead of Call of Cthulhu, uses different players than the RPPR crew, and is run over Skype instead of in real life. 🙂

  10. Interesting, good to know it’s multi-system compatible 🙂

  11. I was the Barista in the game that was posted on Unspeakable! That was such a fun system, the whole game was a blast. I was really digging the Nemesis system, I hadn’t had a chance to try it out before and it absolutely solidified my love of ORE. It’ll be interesting hearing the same scenario with a completely different ruleset when I get to listen to this episode. 😀

  12. Ahhhh, okay, I was wondering why this one seemed familiar.

  13. Author

    Clearly, I am a monster for posting both runs of the same scenario on different podcasts nearly a year apart.

  14. we’re onto your GAME Ross Payton

  15. You’re not who we thought you were, Ross Payton. You’ve been caught.

  16. Shannon! Shannon #2!

    Tom went all in on this one. All. In.

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