Eclipse Phase: Dead Run

Earth may be a post-apocalyptic hellhole but at least you don't have to worry about the TSA when traveling. Last year I ran an improvised game of Eclipse Phase for RJ, Aaron, and Drew. Since I had little time to prep, we used pregenerated characters (with some customization) and a plot I came up with fairly quickly. Dead Run is about a Firewall team sent to Earth to pick up a survivor and then check out a potential anti-TITAN weapon detected near the Cheyenne Mountains. Will they survive the horrors? Find out in Dead Run!

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  2. Taunting me with a non-Know Evil EP game when I so desperately need my Know Evil fix? You’re a monster, Ross Payton.

  3. I need Know evil, my body craves it, and you tease me with this, an eclipse phase it is, but i scream for know evil, it is my drug !!!

  4. I liked it, however, the Earth part was kind of superfluous to the game as it could have happened anywhere remote. On the other hand I loved the Hermit and factions, almost as much as how quickly and indifferently the PC’s dealt with them.

    On a side thought, I would love to hear a game where Aaron is the leader of something made up of RJ, Drew and Jason. Mostly to see if poor Aaron can keep them on mission and the jackassery to a minimum. (I bet: he can’t, even if they aren’t in any conspiracy.)

  5. Whatever happened to Cody by the way? Not really relevant but its been bugging me.

  6. they say Cody got busy. I always imagine that means his wife taped him to a chair somewhere.

    RJ is always great and would be EVEN GREATER without the random fits of arguingwiththeGM =X

  7. Aaron, ain’t you glad you sprung for the undercoat?

  8. SAIRAC MGV is always prepared (most of the time).

  9. So somewhere is there a Firewall team made of only SAIRACs?

  10. i was wondering when Cthulhu was going to show up…Eclipse Phase vs. Cthulhu — Rail guns ahoy!

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