Eclipse Phase: Know Evil episode 16

The scum swarm is a perfectly fine place to live...before Firewall shows upThe new tier of the Know Evil campaign begins! In order to hide out after the daring bank heist, the Firewall team retreats to the relative safety of The Stars Our Destination, a scum swarm that happened to be nearby. After ditching their weapons, the team gets a rare chance to rest and plan their next move. They have a chance to research the object retrieved from the bank safety deposit vault, catch up with their personal lives, and perform some side missions for Firewall. Of course, there are threats hidden in the swarm, waiting to strike out at them.

If you enjoy this tier, you should get a copy of The Stars Our Destination and read up on this scum swarm!

You can also check out the newcomer’s packet in this post on the RPPR forums.

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  1. Can we get a copy of the email/muse package? Please.

  2. OMG the swarm, I was waiting so long for this one, can’t wait to listen to it.

  3. Halfway through. Poor Aaron. Poor, poor Aaron. He opts out of the drugs and you make him dance.

  4. making me choose between No Evil and the new Laundry! well, the decision is clear. omg@Bigend AI. is it the same one? was he the first mind upload? is it gonna show up again and send Thad on a mission to find a work of art its godlike resources prevent it from reaching, like in every Gibson novel ever? also you have the best quest names ever. and Katja is nightmarish. I’d actually thought she had something to do with the main plot? I guess she’s just a subsidiary (wtf autocorrect “sissified?”) horror, though?

  5. Oh man, Scum tier is just as awesome as I’d hoped it be. And in none of the ways I was expecting!

    I’m definitely thinking of stealing Caleb’s style of explicitly naming quests and telling names and goals to players for my own game. I mean, Internally I name a lot of the stuff, but I don’t always tell my players.

  6. Scum Tier rocks!

  7. So, how much rep is it worth to have Tom roll dice for someone else?

  8. That’s considered a massive favor of 5 rep or more.

  9. I second the call for the muse/e-mail package for the PCs. I’d love to take a closer look at what you threw at your players.

  10. Fantastic episode. Absolutely stealing the clever names idea for quests and side-quests.

    Caleb, you never cease to disappoint.

  11. never…never cease to? never start to? wat

  12. Wow, I don’t know what the hell I was thinking when I wrote that.

  13. “Caleb, you never cease to disappoint.”

    The headmaster at the orphanarium used to say that all the time.

    Then? The crawlspace. Always the crawlspace. It was so dark and cold down there…in the crawlspace.


  14. I love the Queequeg quest & background. On a certain level I feel sorry fo Queequeg, in the scene where Caleb described him watching himself being murdered over and over again had me flashing back to Moon…

    And then he re-integrated with all of his murdered selves. :facepalm:

  15. “Then? The crawlspace. Always the crawlspace. It was so dark and cold down there…in the crawlspace.”

    Is that where you learned about Deathtraps?

    Is it an effect of being on a Scum swarm that the players now talk with joy about skinsuits and snuff films?

  16. Man, those e-mails are awesome.

  17. “Make Willpower-times-two as you feel sexual desire for the first time in your existence.”

    The best possible summary of RPPR Actual Play.

  18. Willpower rolls as the synth goes to a biomorph or vice versa is a brilliant idea to use on players as it must be completely unreal. Surprised that some people after seeing the brick again didn’t change the muse or mesh avatar to the brick, that or change someone’s to that damn default Clippy. Considering that the quest system is new to this group, it seems to work out quite well so far.

  19. another great episode, now that I finally get most of EP. My only problem is that you guys had a LOT of sideconversations this time, but hey, its gaming, its what we do.

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