Eclipse Phase: Know Evil episode 19

Let's explore the abandoned spaceship they said. It'll be fun they said.. News: Support RPPR by backing the Kickstarter Base Raiders! For $15 or more, get the RPG and 10 preview AP episodes!

Synopsis: After winning the murder ‘trial’, the Firewall agents can continue their work. In order to win back their rep and pay back favors owed from the trial, the team agrees to help explore an abandoned spaceship. The ship is probably infested but the swarm needs the salvage. The agents split up and join two teams of scavengers: ladyboys and exhumans. There’s no telling what kind of horrors lurk in the depths of the ship. Even experienced agents may not be able to survive this mission. Find out what the team encounters in this extra long episode of Know Evil!

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  1. I just listened to Lover in the Ice again yesterday (yayyy surgery recovery time laying in bed with nothing to do for weeks) and was thinking how much I love choose-your-own-horror roulettes, and lo! seventy weird things! why would you put your SKULLS like that man cmon

  2. Love the new episode, loving the dead-space esque lost-ship-full-of-mutated-nonsense vibe.

    Any chance of posting that list of 70 weird things Caleb came up with? I would love to have a look at it, and possibly use it in my own campaign.


  4. This episode was simply amazing. Kudos to you all.

  5. I can picture Caleb dancing around table singing ‘Noooo tactneeet, noooooo tacneeeeet”

    Awesome episode! I too would love it if you posted your list. I’m thinking running a version of this as a one off for some some EP virgins.

  6. I assume one of the things to find was a bird in a cage.

  7. That bird could be a canary. Holy crap, they’re on to us!

    Election and ballot initiative results that didn’t depress me to my core, and a new episode of Eclipse Phase. I hope I’m not in simulspace.

  8. I’d like to post that list, but I’ve lost it. I pulled most of the items off of the “Things to Find on Earth” thread on the EP forums.

  9. Finding the vid tablet of Preston doing narration evoked a much different response in me than the way Drew handled it. To wit:

    Dr. Weir: Captain… don’t do this.
    Capt. Miller: It’s done.
    Dr. Weir: What about my ship? You can’t just leave her!
    Capt. Miller: I have no intention of leaving her, Doctor. I will take the Lewis and Clark to a safe distance, and then I will launch TAC missiles at the Event Horizon until I’m satisfied she’s vaporized. Fuck this ship!

    That was some serious supernatural ‘outer dark’ shit and kudos to the team for sticking around after finding it. They’re braver than I am!

  10. Great episode.
    Also Tac-net the best net

    Did I hear that right, Aaron running CoC?
    And something about Sordid Dystopia, you guys did another game of that?

  11. A did end up running a COC scenario that I wrote a couple of months back. I may be running a sequel or reboot of it sometime in the near future. Look for the first game sometime during 2025!

  12. You know, I just saw Promethius and they say you can hotbox your space suit. They also said to poke strange animals with your fingers and randomly test strange blood on members of your crew. Not sure what to think.

  13. Man, that was cool. Ghost ships are tragically underused in modern horror, and adding Exsurgents is like icing on the cake! (Though I do wish Drew had kept the ecto with Preston on it… I’m dying to know how it ended up there.)

  14. fun dungeon crawl, has everything a good one has :3

  15. I love the guy who plays Fay-in. He’s not in close to enough games. His way of adding supportive sound effects is endearing.

  16. Also, how are you supposed to Salvage anything if the SOP is “Don’t touch”.

    That seems…counter productive.

  17. ALSO, I feel like Kaleb missed an opportunity here. That last big finish had to have been hyper suspicious. I mean these people were already just post-trail as it was, then they turn out to have super keep, hyper honed reflexes for dealing with Exurgent threats, to the point of basically having a functional hive mind? People don’t TRAIN to fight Exurgents, and they don’t live long enough against them to get that good with experience. not NORMAL people.

    I feel like it could have been a cool, close brush with loosing Firewall OpSec, having them have to explain away their abilities and teamwork in such a bizzarly specific circumstance.

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