Eclipse Phase: Know Evil episode 10

Forget_Me_Not by Daniel Conway In this episode, the Firewall team must regroup after barely surviving a deadly battle with a powerful group of exsurgents but they will have little time before they must continue their mission. Gerrad finally rejoins the group with a new agent, an ultimate named Maxwell. They are in Nectar, a lunar city divided by morph type. Biomorphs are the elite while the poor must use robotic bodies to work and get around. These class distinctions have created an incendiary atmosphere and it’s only a matter of time before someone lights the fuse. Can the team stop the riots and find out the next clue to Know Evil?

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  1. Aw, Ross, you got me an AP for my birthday? You shouldn’t have! (Who am I kidding, give me MOAR!)

  2. I save these for work, but at least I know now that I’ll be having a pretty awesome Monday. The Eclipse Phase APs are a personal treat for me, jam packed with nonstop awesome: Caleb GMing, Ross playing, transhumanism, and definitely my favorite character of Tom’s. First time I looked forward to work in a long time. Only thing I could ask for is maybe… TWO updates! Madness, I know.

  3. are Thad and Caleb available for weddings? like, my wedding? to one or both of them? I could join and reform the Mormon church to make this happen it wouldn’t be a problem

  4. @crawlkill I think there’d have to be like, duels to the death for that.

    Fantastic session as always. Loving how each session peels back another layer on the intricate plots. Seems like Caleb’s getting set to try and bring the whole Solar System crashing down around you guys.

  5. @3:03:XX… innocent synthmorths? what innocent synthmorths? I thought this was the robot bloody spring here >_>

  6. Has anyone tested Tom for Psi powers? I’m pretty sure he has some way of affecting random number generators in his favor.

  7. And thus do Eclipse Phase APs remain one my favorite APs on this site. I like how fast you guys are managing to run these sessions, while still being able to cram so MUCH into each session.

    The hours just fly by listening to this.

  8. The previous session highlighted the horror aspect of Eclipse Phase, and this episode was an excellent demonstration of the conspiracy inherent to the setting. I cannot wait to learn more about the political maneuverings on Luna.

    Aaron totally deserves the accolade of Most Valuable Player due to the amount of abuse his character has been subjected to, while still pressing forward and assisting the group.

  9. Caleb, you get all the GM points. But I will be sad to see Ziggy go.

  10. Yay! GM points!

    Let’s face it…I’m probably going to invest them all in deathtraps.

  11. Kneel and thank your creators for the mercy of GM Caleb! I’m surprised you let them drop their Wounds and Traumas so easily. Excellent session, loved the discovering things right at the line.

  12. Caleb does do his namesake quite well, he is man’s best friend :3

  13. I can’t download the podcast, it returns err -39 on iTunes.

  14. I wanna tell everyone involved how much I enjoy the Eclipse Phase actual plays. I hope there are more.

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