Eclipse Phase: Know Evil episode 17

This is actually a safer and saner plan than what the Firewall team actually did in this episode. In this episode of Know Evil, the Firewall team pursues multiple agendas as they attempt to blend in with the scum swarm society. SAIRAC, the AGI, must learn to become more human in order to avoid detection when they leave the relative safety of the swarm. Bartleby must fulfill several Firewall missions. Gerrard has a chance to learn the truth of his own past on Earth. All the while, the team is pursued by their enemies, both personal and otherwise. As things start to go awry, the team decides to raid a group of criminals as part of a Firewall mission. Of course the raid does not go well…

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  1. Awesome, another Eclipse Phase AP! First time commenter, long time listener. I want to thank all of the people involved with RPPR for providing me (and everybody in the community) hours of amazing entertainment. Keep up the phenomenal work!

    (p.s. I’ve always wondered: is the “noooooo waaaaaay” in reference to anything in particular, or just a running joke you guys came up with yourself?)

    Kudos to you guys once more!

  2. That fight is still one of my favorite bits in the New World. Also hooray new Eclipse Phase! I was kinda expecting more GenCon APs so this is a nifty surprise.

  3. helo I am Tom Church

    I always roll succass all the times (except on listen role!!)

    I also crits my two most importint role on these game I crit bothe

    also I also I also I also I

    seriously, does anyone else look at Tom’s die? becuase it’s been really obvious he doesn’t before declaring his outcome for years now. =\

  4. I was skeptical at first about Tom’s extraordinary rolls, but that soon vanished after I saw him succeed over and over. I figure with me rolling poorly often enough, it kinda balances things out. Lady Luck, she hates me.

  5. Can we get the flowing as a kickstarter level one day.

    For XYZ amount of dollars Tom Church will come and personally roledi efor ou for 4 hours. Nex to kick ars at hat RPG session, then this is your level. Going to Vegas, then this is yor level…

  6. Wow that looks bad (above). I blame the tiny iPhone keypad… Not the beer. Couln’t be th beer.

  7. It seems everything Drew is in, he argues with whoever the GM is. But besides that, I love the Scum in Eclipse Phase, you could probably run a campaign that just dealt with the Scum being just a diverse culture and never touch the firewall aspect of the game.

  8. Wow that plan went to shit so damn fast.

  9. Seriously, RPPR crew, take Tom to the Craps tables in a casino and never want for money again XD Just keep Jason and Aaron as far away as possible, so as to avoid die contamination.

    Oh, and there totally needs to be an Eclipse Phase-inspired Fiasco playset. The possibilities for insanity, as demonstrated by this episode, are limitless.

  10. @iceemaker There is.

  11. Ah, good stuff. I love it when plans [don’t] come together. I also feel an immense sense of kinship with Caleb and his (semi-good natured) “fuck you”s back to the party. Reminds me of how I am in my WT game. I feel like a little viciousness by the GM is needed in games like that where the PCs can so easily overcome dangers, to keep the story interesting.

    After all that flipping about rules, I definitely think you guys should have had a laptop or something else open with the .pdf of the rules to like ctrl+f on the fly. It’s what I do for EP. Speaking of rules, funnily enough, I think you guys forgot in combat when it actually would have applied, but the Plasma Rifle cooling time only applies in vacuum (Because then the only way to bleed heat is radiation, which is very slow). Also, while the plasma rifle doesn’t really spray “star juice” but lobs it in a magnetic “bullet” (Ala Star Wars or Halo), I’d still side with Caleb on the issue with the Dragonfly. With such a small target, and plasma being so freakishly hot and the swords so close, while I wouldn’t have destroyed them (Thus negating going to the trouble of giving Tom cool swords in the first place) I’d definitely have the heat warp them and make them less effective or more fragile.

  12. Sooooooo, next time Aaron says hello to Augustine, will he have a chance to not be recognized?

  13. Author

    Each PC has a password to have Augustine recognize them.

  14. “That was not as stealthy as it could have been… what with all of the explosions”


  15. Seeing a new episode of Know Evil is like waking up to find a fresh, delicious jello-shot waiting by your bed.

    (Heroes of New Arcadia is more like walking into the bathroom and getting a strand of spiderweb in your face.)

  16. Speaking of in jokes, I’ve been meaning to ask this forever, but where does the “there’s monsters in the school Tom” thing come from?

  17. I believe it was a Monsters and Other Childish Things game. Don’t recall which one though sorry.

  18. Now whenever a physicist I watch on TV says “We are all made of stardust”, I subconsciously replace it with starjuice… thanks for that guys, that image now figuratively and literary burns in my mind.

    Seriously though, awesome session, loved it.

  19. Author

    Monsters in the School is a phrase that Cody termed during playtesting of my first book, A Curriculum of Conspiracy. Tom was questioning why the school was so weird and had ghosts and so forth and Cody, just blurted out “There’s monsters in the school Tom! Just roll with it!” or something to that effect. Since then, it’s been an in joke that means to stop being so critical of a setting/game and accept the suspension of disbelief.

  20. good game, ps, I STILL HAZ A BUCKET!!!

  21. The introduction to this episode never ceases to crack me up. How fast can Ross talk? 🙂

  22. Guessing on how things went in this that as others have stated, the universe will not recognize Aaron’s character especially when they get off the swarm to find a new body. Curious now to find out if he will keep going with the synthetic bodies or try other biological ones.

    And this group is just about as subtle/stealthy as THE brick from Luna a lot of the time, different way of doing things but only sneaky once the explosions have stopped.

  23. Sometimes the dice love you, and sometimes they hate you. That sting on the snuff XP gang was more the latter. You know you’ve failed hard when you managed to get one PC ejected into deep space.

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