Call of Cthulhu: Shadows of Leuven

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Synopsis: At Gencon 2012, we were fortunate enough to play and record the playtest of a World War 1 scenario written by Mr. Glancy and Frank Frey. In the Blegian city of Leuven, a man is murdered in an impossible manner – taken out of a locked room and thrown from a great height, his body dashed across the street a great distance away. The German occupation force wishes the murder solved quickly and without incident. To that end, they’ve assembled an unlikely task force of Belgians, Americans, and Germans. Given the backdrop of war, atrocity, and the occult, can this group of investigators find the real murderer before it’s too late?

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  1. nice to hear footnote Frank is still around :3

    (i’m glad you all got to play in a quiet location — i remember the times at MECCA in the sports stadium — the white noise was headache inducing)

  2. Oh my gosh… I tried, really hard, to listen to this AP. But I failed. Mr. Glancy’s bored and sleepy voice drives me crazy. Also, as with the last AP (Divine Fire), I get a feeling that the players get almost no chance to speak… It’s like a semi-rpg lecture on WWI history… Sorry.

  3. I was waiting for this one! Thanks for posting it! 😀

  4. I did notice that Mr. Glancy was more soft spoken or low toned this AP. Tried listening in my car and had to turn it off and wait till I got to work to listen to it. Still listening to it now and Its entertaining and interesting.
    (for some reason when it comes to historical knowledge, Lovecraftian horror helps keep me hooked, maybe my high school history teacher should have thrown in some deep ones when discussing the strife of the French-Canadian settlers of Arcadia)
    Once I got my headphones and was able to increase and decrease the volume, it was fine. Loving it thus far.

  5. Another great Actual Play with Glancy and Ross! Thanks Guys 🙂

  6. My mistake: Acadia… See Lovecraft would have helped prevent such an error.

  7. I think if I described Glancy to my younger self youngme would assume I didn’t enjoy him, but I totally do. there’s something soothing about the extremely slow pacing and dedication to sharing the unnecessary abstruse historical detail. it wouldn’t work with meek players, but with players like Ross and Tom and Aaron and omg Greg Stolze <333 keeping the energy in the room it makes for a really relaxing kinna listen. I'm for it. it's maybe the only time I'm glad Caleb ISN'T there, since his self-directed outthinking-the-GM presence would distract from the mellowing effect. christ I think a lot about my experience listening to podcasts what the fuck does that mean I have rabies

  8. I love these gencon games with Glancy. Good stuff

  9. It’s not a good combination of being dead tired and trying to cram a 12 hour scenario into 6 hours… hence all the info dumps and monologueing on my part. I’ll admit it, I need more work trimming two night scenarios down to one nighters (or even a single four hour session), especially for GenCon. That night I really couldn’t afford to give the players too much room to wander or role-play every encounter because it was late, the clock was ticking and everyone was beat from two days of GenCon. Which is crappy because we had some damn good role-players around that table.

    I’m going to run this scenario for some actual Belgians who contributed to the Bumps in the Night Kickstarter and if there’s any way to get that recorded (i.e. with Call Recorder for Skype) I will be happy to post that to RPPR. However, with an open time limit, there is no reason for me to lead the players, so expect 3-4 four hour sessions to get through Shadows of Leuvene.

  10. like I said, I like it! I really value that kind of serenity. it’s kind of otherworldly. transporting. you definitely seem to write the kind of adventures that deserve multi-session treatment.

  11. It’d actually be really cool to see Mr. Glancy do a podcast or something on history.

  12. I love listening to games Adam Scott Glancy runs. I probably learn more historical information I didn’t know than in most history classes I’ve had. I appreciate the attention to detail and historical accuracy, a lot.

    A bonus being that so much of this AP was a build-up. I, like probably most of the players in the game and most of us listening, pegged the star vampire’s presence as soon as the body was described early on. However, I didn’t even remotely see how it would play into the scenario until the end. The ending, I didn’t see coming. Loved it.

    Also, Aaron turns CoC games to 11. For real. Keep on doing that voodoo that you do so well.

  13. Another great one!. Sucks everyone was tired and short for time. A 6 hr Glancy game is like watching the Rock on tv, its a great but you know there’s a ton of awesome stuff that’s been dropped.

  14. Another gold nugget from Glancy.

  15. I’d really love to hear a more relaxed (and less late-night-after-a-long-con) take on Shadows of Leuven. Especially with actual Belgians playing. (Though <3 Stolze, as usual.)

  16. It’s too bad this one had to be run short. I really like the historical-style sessions that Glancy runs. I’m glad this one had less background noise!

    Another crazy ending, as well. Aaron’s dice really failed this time. 🙂

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