Call of Cthulhu: Delta Green – A Victim of the Art

Don't look now...From Dennis Detwiller’s Tumblr:

“A Victim of the Art” is a Delta Green scenario set in the fictional town of Glenridge, Long Island. The investigators play Delta Green agents and/or friendlies brought in to solve a series of grisly murders which have rocked the small, rich, seaside community.

The killer is not human – but the perpetrator is.

A PDF of the scenario is available at the Tumblr page.

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  1. Was this calebs first game of delta green? Is it that old! Either way was very fun.

  2. this must’ve been one of the first sessions Caleb ever spent entirely face in palm. totally classic. ruining the high schooler’s ego forever, omg. player logic moves beyond the realm of simple homicid-ality and into more platonic spheres of cruelty. I love it.

  3. This is literally like the second or third game I ever played. The delay is crazy. We are posting time capsules disguised as APs sometimes.

  4. This scenario is from Delta Green: Countdown which is out again. Aaron is a monster sending Calib out like that, it’s great. Also, Ross your Phenomenon-X guys are weak and underarmed.

  5. You know, I would almost say Aaron’s action was retribution for Caleb’s actions in a previously posted AP, but it seems they might have been posted out of order, so… Aaron’s either a horrible monster or a precog.

  6. Of course Aaron’s a precog. How many times have you heard him accurately predict he was going to fail a roll?

  7. As a native Alabamian, I approve of Jason’s accent. His actions are another matter.

  8. Not to mention the uncanny way he knows he’s going to die when they play Cthulhu.

  9. Ross. You broke your own rules. You said that because Aaron failed his physiology test he could not call the teenager out on his bull-shit. Bad GM, mind controlling the player. 🙂

  10. I kept expecting that the creature wasn’t turning up because it went off and found the person whose picture they borrowed for the Facebook fake-out.

  11. Tom Church makes me laugh. Thank you, Tom Church.

  12. I love how when one of the players in almost any podcast says they’re from the south somewhere, and need to do the accent, everybody else is like “no no nonono.”

  13. It’s fun to go back to some of these earlier games and see just how much you all have picked up about Delta Green style spycraft how the assumed competence of the characters has improved over the years.

    I think this was Caleb’s second game – at the end of it, Ross says something like, “That was better, wasn’t it?” which suggests it came soon after the Haunting.

    Ice cold problem solving by Aaron to keep the monster occupied with a teammate.

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