Don’t Rest Your Head: White Lightning and Yellow Thunder

A group of insomniacs with This guy rested his head and look what happened to himdesperate lives find themselves in the Mad City, battling its nightmarish citizens in order to escape and possibly find a way to better their own lives. But can these broken survivors find the power within themselves to succeed? How useful is the power to have your life narrated by a disembodied voice?

This two part adventure was recorded over a year ago and was previously part of the Killsplosion ransom preview Actual Plays.

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  1. every living human should google “all about the pentiums” aaron right now because

  2. That dudes junk is dinosaur.

  3. And confirmed

  4. you will never be sighwise, Aaron. we will adore you always.

  5. I laughed myself silly. Quite a number of good scenes in this one, although trying to spot the number of references you guys were making just left me hopelessly in the dust.

    I have to say, though, where crazy is concerned, you guys seldom fail to disappoint.

  6. Buh-rilliant. I don’t know why, but I’m *loving* Bill’s sound effects! Chuck-chuck-chuck-chuck-chuck.

    And tell me – does he by any chance work in something painfully white-collar? Something with a lot of forms, and receptionists, and faceless bureaucrats? The atmosphere is SO RIGHT…

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