Eclipse Phase: Know Evil episode 18

The most conservative jurors of a scum swarmIn this episode, the Firewall team finds itself in a delicate situation. After a botched raid on a group of snuff XP producers, the team is forced to undergo the justice system of the anarchist scum swarm. This turns out to be a rather complex political challenge, as the team must win over as many of the factions as possible in order to stay on the swarm. Of course, even a scum swarm has some leaders, like the security chief, Singh, who wants the team gone. But even as the trial goes on, each agent must carry on with their work, including dealing with multiple potential existential threats at once. Can Bartleby, Preston and Feiyin win the anarchist trial of the century? Find out in Know Evil episode 18!

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  1. I see what you did there, teasing us with posting EP other than Know Evil, so we think we won’t get our fix, and than giving us two great EP posts one after another. Mmmm what a great morning it is to wake up and find new Know Evil.

  2. He’s a monster!

  3. I TOO MISS PSYMON. is poverty tourism a real thing, or did you just make that shit up, Ross Payton? because it is awesome.

  4. I DID google it, but don’t consider 26,000 hits a confirmation of something’s existing

  5. Caleb. Once again, great storytelling, bad physics. But don’t take it wrong I wouldn’t have it the other way around.

  6. poor poor Cody Slenderman got him good

  7. Hey! Mathz is hard, alright?

    But seriously, can you tell me what I screwed up? I’d like to not screw it up again, if at all possible.

  8. I liked the smaller group focus. Also that now two of the characters have post campaign goals.

  9. Since you asked. In last episode, when you spaced…Well when the Ultimate spaced himself. You described it in a way similar to throwing a person out of a moving car. You end up on the side of the road and the car keeps going leaving you behind. Same with the spaced snuff creator in this episode. Space does not work that way. There is no traction to slow anything down. So someone spaced from a space ship will leave that spaceship at the speed he was spaced. If he gets pushed out slowly he will slowly move away from the space ship. If he gets pushed fast he will leave the ship fast. Getting sucked out of the ship when it’s breached will not make it leave you behind as the spaceship moves through space at the…well speed of a space ship. Because you, the spaced, are also moving at the speed of the space ship and in the same direction and there is nothing there to slow you down.

    Having said that. I would not want you to trade out your skills with pace, plot and reveals for understanding of Newtonian physics in space.

  10. @Fridrick

    Drew decompressed the airlock, and flew out of the torus habitat with momentum. In the opposite direction. The hab and Drew weren’t traveling in the same direction.

  11. …no, Sam, they still very much were traveling in the same direction. Drew was just moving in that direction more slowly, so he appeared to be moving the opposite way, ie, ‘away from the airlock.’ your +x vector doesn’t magically vanish because a -x vector is tacked on. if the ship’s moving, fuck, I don’t know, 200 kmps towards Earth, and the airlock ejects Drew opposite its direction of motion at 50 kmps, then he’s still moving towards Earth at 150 kmps. he just appears to be moving the other direction because the only handy point of reference is the ship. he’s not going to end up back on Luna if he’s not rescued–the ship’s just gonna make it to Earth 33% faster than he is. this is, like, the baseline “sitting on a train and watching someone outside” observation of relativity.

    similarly, even if the ship were moving at unimaginable speeds, if you just opened a correctly depressurized airlock and went out to chill in space you wouldn’t in any way be “left behind” unless the ship started to accelerate. you’d just float alongside the ship as long as it (and you) did nothing to change yr vectors.

    falling outta a spaceship got nothin in common wit fallin outta a car. there ain’t no friction to tear up yer skirt.

  12. Author

    Technically we don’t know if the ship was accelerating or not. I would assume the scum swarm would be changing speeds quite a bit as they have to adjust their course quite often. It’s quite possible the ship was accelerating, unless Caleb specifically said it was not and I forgot.

  13. Technically I think Caleb was trying to creat exiting narative. Physics just gat in the way 🙂

  14. actually Caleb said they were blowing fuel to go to the horrible Titan site in this episode, didn’t he? instead of just using…what’s the word? gravity slingshots? but we only learned about that after the pedobattle.

    seriously, though. relativity’s important, but if I ever hear Caleb hesitate to deepen a scene so that he can be more accurate to physics I’ll shed all the tears.

  15. They’re a Scum Swarm, they say many things about the so called ships and so called plans and the so called what they’re doing. The truth is known only to whoever crawls past all the bypasses on the fuel lines and checks the direct hose to the engine.

  16. Agreed that the small group was great. Herding 3 cats is easier than herding 7.

    Great work integrating character back stories while furthering the plot. Every time I run an adventure like this (lots of vinyettes happening in town and not so much stabbing) I feel guilty that I’m delaying the adventure/dungeon crawl. Thank you for reinforcing my instincts and lowering my paranoia.

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