Eclipse Phase: Know Evil episode 14

Planning a bank robbery isn't exciting. The robbery itself, yes, very exciting.. On the plus side, not much chance of death in the planning stages. Special: Download the planning documents used by the RPPR group to plan the bank heist.

Synopsis: Robbing a bank is unheard of in the age of Eclipse Phase. The Erato bank is as heavily guarded as a military installation, with dozens of armed drones, guards, security systems and AGI infosec specialists protecting it. However, the Firewall team must retrieve an item from a safety deposit box in order to continue their investigation of Manjappa and the source of the Know Evil virus. But a bank robbery is no easy thing to plan. Furthermore, Firewall has to authorize this mission first, which requires a meeting of the proxies.

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  1. Im not sure who is the bigger monster now, Ross or Caleb. GOD DAMN IT CALEB, GIVE THAT MOTHER HER KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Proxy Clean burned them.


  3. Dear god this was fun to listen to, a lot more than I expected. I can’t wait to read through the bank heist scenario, also.

  4. OMG Im so excited, new EP. Hell yeah

  5. Trust me, listening to PC planning is hilarious.

  6. I can’t wait to see how Space Ocean’s Heat 20XX plays out.

    I’m also pretty sure nothing I ever run in EP will be as cool and complex as Caleb having you guys plan a bank heist.

    I don’t think the time my players went to Earth and had to run the Cordon involved as much build-up and tension.

  7. About as good as a planning session could get.
    Top marks for the Lone Stars.

  8. Augustine isn’t supposed to correct errors in her coding. I suspect things. And Drew is one of my new favorite EP players.

  9. Caleb, I have decided, you ARE THE BIGGER MONSTER!!!!!

  10. I’m afraid the days of that first team robbing banks are, nevermore.

  11. I cannot stand the wait. I MUST HAVE THE BANK HEIST EPISODE NOW!

  12. Caleb must be the most terrifying EP player there is by now. like, he’ll know all the technology any GM can throw at him and be prepped to dismantle.

  13. Damn it I so want to hear the next part of this. I have spent the last 3 or 4 days listening to nothing but Know evil!

  14. @Malkavianmadman and Dom

    Appeal to Ross. All is in his hands.

    Protip: Ross’s favorite dish is the death of innocence, washed down with bitter tears. Contact him by saying “ClockworkJoe” three times into a broken mirror shard that has been shattered in rage by a cuckolded spouse. He will then posses the corpse of your most recently deceased pet, rise during the witching hour, and perch atop your chest as you sleep. Once there, he will hear your summons through a waking nightmare inquisition that harrows the very soul. For those with an unyielding will, he will grant one boon…for a price. A terrible price.

  15. Oh no. He’s gonna make us publish his book!? Ross truly is a horrible monster.

  16. AGAIN CALEB IS THE TRUE MONSTER…… If it makes me depressed, well FUCK YOU TOO BUDDY!

  17. This is probably one of the worst teases ever, Ross.

    Also, I’m sad you guys didn’t use Lenore, especially judging by what y’all said on episode 68 of RPPR. Neo-ravens are cool. Was she at least bemused that they did all of that stuff anyway?

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