Wild Talents: The Heroes of New Arcadia Episode 13

Peter Silvertail, rabbit at lawIn this episode, the heroes of New Arcadia have recovered from their confrontation in the abandoned Ideal base, but they have to deal with new complications in New Arcadia. They have new allies, Quasar and Galileo, but they must find a place for them to fit in. The heroes have a rare chance to socialize with some of their friends with a dinner party! Also, Norm gets a job. Clearly, this is a must listen episode.

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  1. not even half way through and this is my favorite episode of everything you guys have done. i love character interactions.

    also aaron’s line abot the paper airplane, top notch.

  2. It should be a recurring thing that the players consistently ignore some small plot line that will subtlely build up to this apocalyptic scenario and everybody’s like if only had spoken to that little nobody months ago.

  3. No Tyler at the party? There should be an all NPC session, Peter, Tyler, Mr. Harris and the interface device must work with Pilgrim to save the city while the heroes are off heroing.

    Guess: The time window is the Hobot in the future.

  4. i don’t remember if the time window ever got resolved…

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