Wild Talents: The Heroes of New Arcadia Episode 21

Behold the Ragnarok Object!The finale to the second tier of the New Arcadia campaign is here! All secrets have been laid bare. The truth behind Nemesis and its ancient battle against the Remnant has been revealed and not a moment too soon. The end of the universe is extremely fucking nigh. The Heroes of New Arcadia must do battle against a cosmic evil from beyond time and space and while they have the aid of almost everyone on Earth, they have no idea if it will be enough. Who will live? Who will die? Find out in the conclusion to the global tier of the Heroes of New Arcadia!

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  1. “The end of the universe is extremely fucking nigh.”

    Well, I’ll be remembering that particular quote for a while, and be sure to try and work it in where I can.

    Also, great way to introduce this particular episode.

  2. The object looks like an upside down rhino monster.

  3. Good God! That was an epic end!

  4. They’ll always have Montana

  5. Wow…just…wow. That was the most epic ending ever :'(

  6. oh man. I wonder if the PCs will register that without Norm they have no hope of ever outplanning the villains ever again.

  7. So i can only assume Caleb will take over Peracules so the eagle of justice will get more of the screen time it so rightly deserves.
    Any chance for a idea of what Caleb will be playing Cosmic tier?

  8. ^^^

    perhaps that is when the characters have to fight Caleb & Ross against cancelling the game

    meta fun :3

  9. Man oh man, what an ending.

  10. Norm nooooooooooo

    Oh well. Very cool fight and resolution. Can’t wait for the next tier.

  11. So, now no one will be afraid of Chirop, because ‘e’s mostly ‘armless.

  12. One can only assume the next tier will be called The Rise of the Dark Norm.

    Also one my fav exchanges –
    “Wait you should impregnate her like starman.”

    “Thanks for ruining my big scene.”

  13. So, let’s assume I am Ross Payton (and therefore a bastard). One of my players has succeededed in becoming transhuman jesus, then died in the most heroic way possible. Even if Caleb brings back his character (which I can think of so many ways to do) The big bad of the next tier is still going to be evil super Norm.

  14. Huh, Norm is the Transhuman Jesus. I wonder if he did much working with wood while he was in construction.

  15. Maybe not while in construction, but I’m sure Norm’s girlfriend could attest to his wood-working skills. Hey-oh!

  16. Noooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!

    That actually made me quite sad. Great game, great moments, and I love Chirop continually getting up and trying to fight on, despite being literally ripped apart. On a related note, I think it’s way past time that you invest in some defensive powers, Tom.

    Thanks for a very entertaining podcast folks!

  17. Tom get some LAR or MAR or… Poor poor soul now he can’t arm anyone.

    Though I do love Tom throwing himself at it over and over again. I get the feel he was trying to do a self sacrifice and protect them.

    Question why didn’t Norm do the Starman?
    Or use Cosmic Power to reincarnate Consequence, as a butterfly?
    Or give Tom Gatling gun hands. How would Tom arm them?

    Caleb plays Neo-Avian next tier or wait wait better yet!
    Caleb plays the Philosopher King!!!

  18. I sort of hope we’ll see him play Yogg with the consciousness of indelibly imprinted in his mind from his contact with him.

  19. Norm finally paid for that free backpack

  20. I maanged to scavenge enough batteries in the german wastelands to finally give this episode a listen.

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