All Flesh Must Be Eaten: The Shard

Welcome to London, the cyberpunk dystopia you've always dreamed of!News: Please vote for Role Playing Public Radio as Best Podcast in the Ennie  Awards! The last day of voting is July 29. Thanks for your support!

Synopsis: The more I read about the London Olympics and the prohibitive security measures taken, like missile launchers installed on the roofs of apartment buildings, the more it sounds like a cyberpunk dystopia. And to cap it all off, there is literally a pre-arcology called The Shard that just opened in London. So I did what any self-respecting nerd would do.

I added zombies. Enjoy.

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  1. NICE! I always wanted to hear you guys play a session of AFMBE with zombies. Only other one you have was vampires instead of zombies.

  2. Don’t worry Aaron, even if you’ve lost your fan base from across the pond, you still have the formerly commonwealth colonials up North: Canada!

  3. As an Englander living in London I must comment on the excellent accents… they were excellent… er that is all.

  4. Aaron played a crazy badass, nice. Though I felt that the other players kind of took his ending away from him.

    Anyhow, even with the UK loss of fans, Aaron at least has a fanbase in China.

  5. Oh, and these are my new favorite zombies, creepy as hell.

  6. whaaat! a PC WIN? except for the poor chef, I guess. that was tragic.

    and is it, uh…is it ‘Aegis?’ ‘Ageis?’ is it supposed to be a real word or not, Ross Payton! I feel like the pronunciation flipped back and forth in New Arcadia.

  7. What was the name of that fungus?

  8. @crawkill

    The word is “Aegis”, but it’s Greek so pronunciation in English can be a bit weird. Ae is all one sound though, like the “e” in “bead”.

  9. I know the word aegis just fine, I just don’t get why Ross moves all the vowels after the G XD

  10. Oh, well, that’s obvious. Ross is a horrible monster.

  11. Caleb was amazing!!!!

  12. At the risk of sounding stupid, where does that Shard (and sound) come from?

  13. I love how Caleb’s brain is audibly unraveling at Aaron’s roleplaying decisions.

    More games with this dream team here. Tom can come too.

  14. Hail Sauron!

  15. This game was so much win, I can’t believe I haven’t listened to it until now… Thad’s Chef; Caleb’s dry(and stone cold) butler…

    Aaron’s… interesting choices. 😉

    It was all so good. Funny the Shard(BWAAAAAAHHHHH) is a real thing that exists!

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