4E Dungeons and Dragons – The New World Campaign Game 42: Thunderbird

The Water Barons are closing in on the endgame of the war but a greater threat looms over them. The imprisoned dark entity is stirring within its vault and will soon awaken. In order to learn more about the secrets of the past that hold the key to the future, they must talk to the great spirit, Thunderbird. The mighty being resides deep within the wilderness of the New World. Can they find him and gain an audience? What will they learn? All this and more! Only 4 more episodes left!

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  1. I love how Locke is trying to build up an army of people…that all hate him.

    Maybe he will recruit Boudicca, and it would be one person that doesn’t hate him for some reason or another.

  2. That handjob is in the bag! That eidetic memory and impersonation skill will finally pay off.

  3. Yeah, this episode was pretty great, despite all the horsing around. 4 left. Dang.

  4. This episode is hilarious. Impressive that Ross, even on two hours of sleep, can keep such a ridiculous group mostly on track.

    Loved the stuff with Thunderbird, and that fricking weasel.

    That weasel!

  5. “The Sighing Weasel”… one of the greatest moments in RPPR history!

  6. “Man! Season two was weird!”

    I think the undead weasel telephone is second only to Balgrin.

  7. Some great RP’ing from Jason in this one.
    Also, first thought, when dealing w/the explosive herbs: Why didn’t Locke just put the sphere thing over them? The magic should trigger it, & the sphere should contain most of it. I was surprised Cody didn’t think of that.
    Thanks for these, BTW, great entertainment while I’m driving around at work.

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