4E Dungeons and Dragons – The New World Campaign Game 35: Angelic Hordes Come Forth!

Sarkis, agent of the Crown and adversary to the Water Barons has made a last stand at a temple of Pelor. He does have one last trick up his sleeve: portals that summon angelic warriors to his defense. Loyalties are divided in this desperate battle as well. Tensions between the Water Barons run high.

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  1. This one should be called “where the shit hits the fan.”

    Because that is what it is.

  2. Excuse me, sir, but I have listened to all of this Actual Play, and while there are many mentions of “shit”, there is no “fan” to be found.

    Also, this rocks, folks. Amazing role-playing in here, and a DnD combat session I actually enjoyed listening to (quite rare). And the ending! Dear god, what comes next? WHAT COMES NEXT?

  3. CLIFFHANGER ENDING!! Man I can’t wait for the next game, this shit just got real.

  4. The Cliffhanger ending comment made me imagine a scene with Locke holding onto a wire across a chasm in the mountains, holding Kuthin’s hand so he would not fall to his doom, as the warlock slowly slipped from those bony, bony fingers.

    Damn these casters and their low Str scores!

  5. During RJ’s vignette I picked the goliath and his axe replacing Chevy Chase in the National Lampoon’s Vacation one-sheet.

    A session very suitable for the epic tier!

    Alliances changing sides, friendships questioned!

    Dare we say…..Voshyk is…tearing us apart!?

    And talk about a Dresden Files chapter cliffhanger. You bastards!

  6. @FuzzyDan: But what you forgot to mention is that the rope…was made of BARBED WIRE!

    Great game and great roleplaying all around. I had always wondered how long the game would go on before the cracks between the group became too obvious to overlook. Voshyk can only turn a blind eye so many times, and as the party grew more and more deceptive and, dare I say, EVIL, it was only a matter of time before his LG ways made things a bit of a mess.

  7. Oh Locrag (or however its spelled)…how i love him and all the obvious sense he makes. Sure lets let the head general of the empire’s army just escape, because that’s the smart thing to do. Granted Tom is playing a lawful good character, and he plays it well, but he could have easily justified capturing the man and keeping him prisoner as being equally honorable and right.

    What shocks me is after how many sessions and the dice betraying Codys amazing bluffs to force him to roll low, how has he not picked up one of the many utility powers that allows him to re-roll a bluff check? It seems like it would have been fairly obvious, especially after the whole water zombies haunting him.

    Anyway, team Cody, Dan, and RJ, I’m on board! I’d call them team deceitful, but RJ’s character hasn’t been near as deceitful as the other two….aside from helping slayer attack the city.

    Still great episode like always, and shocker, another ending that has me bouncing in my seat wanting more. Curse you Ross Payton!

  8. additional. That country pun-off was amazing and makes me love RJ even more.

  9. Next episode: Low Crag decapitates an orphan and skullfucks it in the middle of the street, then claims that it’s all Vasshyk’s fault; rest of party believes him.

  10. Okay, I’m not really a fan of RJ’s barbarian here. I’m sure I’m not the only one HOWEVER, and this is a great however.

    He plays the BEST Coyote. The single line “Don’t listen to him (Pontifex), He’s been trying to dodge THIS hallway for quite some time” is pure genius. RJ should just play an avatar of Coyote in some adventure, hero or otherwise.

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