Call of Cthulhu: Divine Fire – The KGB Files part 1

In World War 2, a remote Nazi base is destroyed and only a few escaped to tell how and why. One of the survivors was a German soldier who was later captured by the USSR. Ten years later, the German escapes and a group of KGB agents is assigned to bring him back in. The second part of Tom’s Divine Fire trilogy, a new group of investigators is brought into the horrors of the Cthulhu Mythos. Pick up the trail and see where it goes…

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  1. This is one of my favorite games! Glad to see it posted.

    I love the intricate entrapment plan, and Aaron’s encounter with the ghoul. Also Ross taking full advantage of the totalitarian regime.

  2. I second that emotion.

  3. Really good… made my day. Still you guys should try it in Trail of Cthulhu… then you wouldn’t have to worry about useless failures…. like Aaron’s repeated spot/hidden failures.

  4. Awesome game guys! Ross is great at being an evil bastard. Can’t wait for more, quite literal, acts of senseless violence.

    Aaron, fantastic tuck and roll. Well played sir.

    Little known fact, Stalin….is a Great Old One. He did’t die, his stars just went out of alignment.

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