Call of Cthulhu: The Last Flight of 0237 – Part 1

Inside_of_a_Crashed_Plane_by_DunnOGraphyA group of FBI agents is sent to investigate a strange crime – the apparent hijacking of a cargo plane in mid-flight. The flight resulted in a mid-air collision with another plane. The flight recorder showed that someone other than the pilots was in the plane. The plane crashed in the wilderness of North Dakota, during winter. Something far darker than agents can imagine is behind the crash. The answers lie in the desolate plains. (Part two will be posted next – this was a bit too long to post as a single AP).

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  1. Greenfield. Grünfeld. I see what you did there. #bilingualbonus?

  2. Someday — maybe on an April 1st — I want to run a Delta Green game in which the investigators are charged with investigating a top secret WMD site that’s gone dark. They’re kitted out with heavy weapons and all the gear that they ask for, and told to prepare for anything.

    The big twist is that everything is fine. The radio has just broken. No monsters or anything. As long as the investigators just sit around and don’t do anything, the repair guy shows in a couple days and fixes it.

    It’ll be fun to see whether the PCs can manage to ruin everything and kill a bunch of people anyway.

  3. There is a phrase in the US Air Force: “Why not Minot? Freezin’s the reason.”

    Also, whoo! Seattle! My local metroplex!

  4. Ethan, that is the single most evil thing I’ve ever read, and I love it. I’m estimating a death toll well into the triple digits.

  5. or was it Grünwald in Divine Fire? I thought I was so cunning

  6. “The plane would break before the moose did!”
    – Quote of the night for me.

  7. Horizon. Tom has read Rainbow 6.

  8. Cool idea for a scenario. I like how it’s links together Tom’s various Cthulhu games.

    But Tom, I’m confused whether the Ghoul’s in your games are benevolent or not. They seemed complicit in the Divine Fire research during WW2 and the Lybia game.

    But here and in the KGB game they seem to want to minimize the damage, even if it’s just so they don’t loose their food source (us).

    Are their different Ghoul factions with different agendas?

  9. Awesome, even with all the sugar rush high jinks (which were pretty fun to listen to) this is shaping up to be a classic game.

  10. Great scenario! If I would like to run any of your Cthulhu Scenarios, are any of them available for download or so?

  11. @crawlkill: It is Grunevald. My favorite ghoul.

    @Chris T: In Divine Fire, the Nazis made a deal with Grunevald to provide them with corpses in exchange for translating manuscripts in Aklo. Grunevald only realized what the manuscripts were after he read them. The way I write this group of ghouls is that they want to keep humanity from killing itself to keep the food supply intact. And Grunevald has a little soft spot for humanity, like an adorable puppy that keeps getting into trouble.

  12. @Andreas: All my scenarios are in loose leaf notebooks. I don’t rule out typing some out in the future. But not available right now. Apologies

  13. @Tom: Understood. Same with my own scenarios. Most of them just mind maps actually. Agree with previous commentor – I would sure back a kickstarter 😉

  14. As a resident of ND I greatly appreciate that someone finally ran a game set here…(god knows I wouldn’t)!!! Can’t wait to listen!

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