4E Dungeons and Dragons – The New World Campaign Game 34: The Gauntlet

The Water Barons must defeat Sarkis if their rebellion is to have any chance for success but first they must run through a gauntlet of defenses. Dedicated soldiers, cunning fortifications guard the outer edges of the city. Sarkis’ greatest weapon are portals that provide an endless stream of angelic warriors to fight at his side. Can the Water Barons fight through them and get Sarkis before he flees to the Old World? You won’t believe how this episode ends!

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  1. A New Years Eve New World?? It truly is a Christmas miracle!

  2. Yeah thanks Ross! I started re-listening to the new world (starting from episode 2). Things sure have changed.

  3. Poor cody, i would have stayed to fight the third battle instead of seeing some movie.

    Great episode, i actually enjoyed all the fun little bsing.

  4. Your shots now stun other players!

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