4E Dungeons and Dragons – The New World Campaign Game 31 – We are Legion

The epic tier of the New World Campaign begins! A year has passed between the end of paragon tier and the beginning of epic tier. The colonization of the New World has gone into full swing. Several new cities have been built and thousands of colonists call the New World home. Yet in the taverns people whisper of revolution against the Old World for its unfair treatment of the colonies. Only the Water Barons have the strength to start a revolution. When they decide to throw off the chains of tyranny, the Crown sends a group of angels to defeat the rebels. Find out if the Water Barons can defeat the angels in game 31.

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  1. Whoa, shit, there really are angels in this. Epic tier is hardcore mang.

  2. I hit it with MAH AX

  3. Oh hai Angels.

  4. The first epic tier game was, frankly, quite epic. Looks the PCs have become huge power players in the new world which they can shape at will. Great session!

  5. Every time Ross does Pontifex, I get the sense that the players clam up a bit and a coldness spreads across the room. Awesome, as always, RPPR crew.

    I can’t wait to hear more about the election…although my hope that Quintis (sp?) wins is probably not going to pan out. We need a debate with Ross doing key NPCs, and because I’d love to hear Balgron state his platform.

  6. I love that Locke is being nailed left right and centre for his selfless actions… as it should be! Goodness is its own reward. 😀

    The ‘oh, I hadn’t thought of that’ moment was pretty priceless too.

  7. One of the best episodes of the series.

    Revolution, dead angels, angry liches, mob rule and a rejection of parliamentary system.

    All that was missing was a guest appearance of Seamoss and Quintus.

  8. Listing to this AP as we speak, but Cody is right.

    RPPR does have the best actual plays simply because Cody is that awesome. Seriously, he’s way funnier than the Penny Arcade guys.

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