Call of Cthulhu: Omar Shakti Must Die!

A group of high powered beings have been charged with assassinating Omar Shakti, the immortal servant of Nyarlathotep, a powerful sorcerer. Yithian super technology, mythos sorcerery and mayhem come into play as New York is torn apart by the chaos. Will the agents complete their task or will Omar complete his diabolical plan?

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  1. New Call of Cthulhu?

    I sing Ross’s praises!


  2. An pretty insane one from what I recall!

  3. As far as mash-up games go from the Old RPPR group, this one was kind of tame. It’s a shame that Scion vs. Smokin’ Aces wasn’t recorded. Here’s Ross’ original write up:

    The premise: Each player is a scion with a score to settle against one titanspawn: Eddie the sociopathic dwarf (Norse mythology type dwarf) Eddie’s holed up in the biggest casino in Vegas with a gang of human and titanspawn scum guarding him. He’s about to make a deal with another titanspawn that will grant him protection against all of you for the rest of time. Tonight is your last night to get even. You must kill him first for your reason.

    Who you are: You are the child of a god with powers to match. 6 pantheons to choose from, from Greek to Aztec mythology.

  4. @Setherick Dear sweet unholy crap, that’s amazing. How many casinos were blown up?

  5. Just one. But it was burnt to the fucking ground. Tom escaped on the wings of a pegacorn (half-Pegasus, half-unicorn) named Charlie. And Jason character bounced from piece of rumble to piece of ruble as the building collapsed.

  6. Also, my character was an aspect of Loki who rode a motorcycle and dual-wielded Deagles. Yes, dual-wielded Deagles. Great game.

  7. Thought I posted this yesterday:

  8. Listening to this hurt my brain in more ways than one. I think I enjoyed it… but I’m not entirely sure if that’s true or just a side effect from the act of all the jury-rigging.

  9. Ah man that Scion game was awesome! I’ve wanted Ross to run it again or maybe some Iron Heroes, but it wouldn’t be the same without the original crew. God, there were so many games we didn’t record!

  10. Listening to this again. If I could do Omar Shakti Must Die! over again, I would have given Orlen an AA-12 when the team goes into the sewers. Nothing like an automatic shotgun against a bunch of ghouls.

  11. I lost sanity points listening to this. But if we learned anything from this podcast, its that ghouls are swell. Pass the long pig will you?

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