Call of Cthulhu: Prototype – A town called Hope

An investigative team for a basic cable TV show look into rumors of a government experiment gone awry and uncover a massive conspiracy that threatens the fate of the world. Oh and Jason’s character throws a rock. This game of Call of Cthulhu merges Delta Green (co-written by Dennis Detwiller) with the hit video game Prototype (also co-designed by Dennis Detwiller).

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  1. Very Fun AP to listen too, Ending is the best!

  2. I was listening to this last night at the gym. Bad idea. You guys made me mess up my sets because I was cracking up repeatedly at the rock throwing incident. Absolutely hilarious.

  3. This is a classic episode…

    “Looking good in the camera there FUCK STICK!” nuff’ said…

  4. Great AP. The rock throw was hilarious. I hope you guys continue this storyline…GO to NY and find Mercer!

  5. Excellent episode, so much fun. I would love to hear the continuation of the storyline.

  6. A really good game, very good character immersion. I agree with Cody’s opinion on not killing that one dude off the bat.

  7. Just finished up listening to this on my ride home from work today. Awesome scenario. I really like the Phenom-X angle. Any chance of seeing a write up on this one? I’d love to run it some day.

  8. I would also love to see a write up on this! I’m finally playing through Prototype and now seeing the backstory of Hope. Good stuff.

  9. Love this session, spooked and laughing at the same time. Michel Moore has nothing on you guys. This is waaaaaay better than a movie. The way the characters kept getting fired all the time (and still working) cracked me up every minute. Not to mention the characters themselves, the primadona with a seperate van for his suits, and the producer/director determined to get this on video. you have gotta do more with this cast/crew. Loved it.

  10. I’m working my way forward through the archives, and while recognising that this one is 4 years old, I really hope that you cracked down on rape jokes as the series went on. Bad enough that they were made in the first place, but you all laughed and then kept making them. This kind of thing can make a podcast a really, suddenly negative experience for a listener.

  11. Author

    I apologize for that – I think those kind of jokes have died off, especially since our cast has changed since that era.

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