4E Dungeons and Dragons – The New World Campaign Game 24: The Dinner Party

Victory over Cortez’s horde means one thing: Party time! Kuthin the warlock’s uncle has recently arrived at the colony and is quite rich. Obviously Uncle Fustus wants to make a big impression so he throws a huge party to celebrate the victory. Practically every named NPC introduced so far in the campaign is there, from lovable King Sea Moss to super-villain-esque Axgore. The Water Barons have some wheeling and dealing to do and Uncle Fustus has his own plans…

Special thanks to Ean Moody for the art!

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  1. I appreciate that we thought it was episode 26 or 27 and it was actually 24.

    To show how old this episode is, the wedding I went to? The couple totally has a kid now. Ridiculous.

  2. Best moment of the game is when Cody realizes that he absolutely will not, under any condition, have sex with a she-ogre for fear of an STD…

    I mean, vampires; okay. A FUCKING table; okay! A she-ogre; naaaahhhh… Haha, classic.

    This session was truly epic, on every level. I loved the fact that this session was 100% roleplaying, not a single fight. That’s quite an accomplishment.

    I am left wondering though; will Bright Eyes ever be seen again? Hmmmmmm…

  3. This episode is so awesome there’s just too much to quote. I love how people are trying to convince Carrington to take the ship when they don’t know it will kill him and his family.

  4. I will not be surprised if Uncle Fustus is indeed Pontifex. Perhaps it wasn’t meant to be a mystery…
    “Oh, good, uncle did recieve my letters!”
    “How did he get your letters if –”
    “Shut up!”

  5. This episode of the Water Barons’ escapades (sexcapades?) rocked. Most of the players were in top form throughout the entire session. Cody was hilarious as usual, Dan did some great role playing and lucked out on his rolls, and Tom’s reaction to his new station felt kind of anime cutesy.

    Kudos on Ross’ handling of the little squabble between Mike and Bill.
    “Be quiet and let me speak my peace. You’ll have a turn to speak.”. AKA, STFU, KTHX.
    Note to self, if players ever start to argue, table the matter for later. It’ll eventually solve itself. 🙂
    I was expecting a little more from the amount of times it had been mentioned in the past, but it was definitely awkward. Might make for good podcast material though: How to Keep Players From Killing Eachother IRL.

  6. Truly a fantastic episode. The roleplaying was great, on all sides. So much more entertaining to listen to than a combat-oriented episode.

    But, I agree that the squabble between Mike and Bill was anticlimactic. Ross mentioned in one of the regular podcasts that this the second (of three?) blowups between them occurred during the dinner party episode, and I’d really been looking forward to it. I’d expected fireworks, but this was just kind of uncomfortable, and then it passed. So much for my schadenfreude.

  7. It was just a really awkward situation and probably a lot worse for us because we had to live it. Everyone looked at one another and wondered what to say and do. It was priceless.

  8. And then I sabotaged Mike’s plans by agreeing that a unanimous vote could overrule Tom, with no intention of ever voting against Tom.

    Oh Kuthin, will your layers of deception ever stop being epic?

  9. It was evil to sabotage the power-hungry, unaligned, and overall incompetent warforged fighter plot to become the Commander in Chief of the New World’s largest congregation of sociopa… err adventurers and place the Lawful Good, Trustworthy, and voice of morality Dragonborn figher in charge?

    Oh, you are probably talking about the other things that happened… yeah, I could see how some would see that as evil. I consider it “Morally Grey for the Greater Good.”

  10. “Morally grey for the greater good” is our motto. We’ve followed it this far, might as well keep going.

  11. Hard to believe how both IC and OOC, Locke/Cody sincerely wanted to investigate to clear his name, because he had no idea who could have disguised themselves as Locke and lured Siegmund out to his death by vampires, putting Pontifex’s Pelorite puppet in charge of the crusaders.

    Right after episode 22 when Pontifex asked Locke to lure Siegmund out to his death by vampires, putting Pontifex’s Pelorite puppet in charge of the crusaders.

    Although if he was sending out Elric in disguise anyway, he could have disguised him as anyone Siegmund trusted, not just Locke! It could have been a fake Vasshyk, the LG dragonborn no one would suspect.

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