4E Dungeons and Dragons – The New World Campaign Game 21: Return of the Captain

The Captain by Ean MoodyIn this episode the Water Barons fight to retrieve a Lemurian artifact before Cortez’s horde. Can they survive the onslaught of murderous monsters and other deadly challenges? Perhaps they can with a little help from an old friend…The Captain! (formerly the Lieutenant).

Thanks to all the RPPR fans who contributed to the Codex of War Ransom. You can still contribute if you want Ross Payton to run a game over Skype for you OR get a picture of your character from Ean Moody. Check out our Kickstarter page for more details.

Special thanks to Ean Moody for the art!

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  1. Great pic of the captin! The captin is what made this AP great!

  2. We all did miss Cody’s comments, and constant attempts to get laid.

  3. “You come to a great depression.”

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