As for his literary pursuits, he cultivated chiefly the art of speaking which was of general service, and after making himself one of the most powerful speakers at Rome, his care and application enabled him to surpass those who were most gifted by nature…He pleased people also by the kindly and unaffected manner with which he clasped their hands and addressed them. For he never met a Roman so obscure and lowly that he did not return his greeting and call him by name.

The Water Barons encounter Sarkis, a powerful and well respected loyalist to the throne. They attempt to negotiate a peace with him, but tensions between the revolutionary colonists and loyalists may doom any efforts to stop the war before it starts. The old ally of the Water Barons, the grippli named the Captain has become the Slayer, a remorseless and talented warrior. Can the heroes of the New World give peace a chance?

The Captain by Ean MoodyIn this episode the Water Barons fight to retrieve a Lemurian artifact before Cortez’s horde. Can they survive the onslaught of murderous monsters and other deadly challenges? Perhaps they can with a little help from an old friend…The Captain! (formerly the Lieutenant).

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The war to stop Cortez is underway and the Water Barons try to rack up more allies and prepare for the final battle against the vile horde marching on Border Town. A cunning plan to destroy the enemy’s supply train is hatched. The water barons lead a small force of 100 grippli warriors in a daring raid. But in order to make sure at least some of the grippli make it out alive, the players must guard a narrow pass for 10 rounds against Cortez’s vanguard. Find out if the gambit works on episode 16 of the new world campaign!