4E Dungeons and Dragons – The New World Campaign Game 33: Diplomats and Discourse

As for his literary pursuits, he cultivated chiefly the art of speaking which was of general service, and after making himself one of the most powerful speakers at Rome, his care and application enabled him to surpass those who were most gifted by nature…He pleased people also by the kindly and unaffected manner with which he clasped their hands and addressed them. For he never met a Roman so obscure and lowly that he did not return his greeting and call him by name.

The Water Barons encounter Sarkis, a powerful and well respected loyalist to the throne. They attempt to negotiate a peace with him, but tensions between the revolutionary colonists and loyalists may doom any efforts to stop the war before it starts. The old ally of the Water Barons, the grippli named the Captain has become the Slayer, a remorseless and talented warrior. Can the heroes of the New World give peace a chance?

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  1. Damn you Ross. I was actually rooting for protectorate status. If nothingless then to hear Locke’s reaction when he should back up and found they were back in bed with the Crown.

    RJ made a great Coyote and Tom made a good Illithid…although I’m guessing he was channeling ghouls for it.

    Anyway interesting to see how it all turns out.

  2. Reason # 60 Why I Love Tom Church.

  3. This is my favorite episode of the New World so far.

    Bravo, Ross. Bravo.

  4. Needs more Cody.

    Still good episode, at first RJ’s character was stereotypical barbarian kill, but damn if his argument wasn’t the best one as to why they should attack the city at the end. Shame Tom’s character is such a holier than thou wuss that wants to make friends with everyone!

    You all revolt and you like it!

  5. Hands down, the vignette at the end of this episode is hands down the best roleplaying you all have ever done.

  6. Oh, I believe they get better.

  7. You calling Vashyyk a holier than though wuss has saddened me. I might have to start cutting myself again.

  8. Guys, your planning is so frustrating. You have an ogre problem… And an Orc settlement enslaved by Giants seriously. It is simple math. Take the orgres on a crusade against the giants. The settlement can be the new monster society you’re trying to found. The ogre would do it to be on the ground floor of this great new nation. Then New Arcadia can take the ogre land.

  9. Wait until the next episode or two. That’s all I can say.

  10. Yeah, Dan! If you say anything more, YOU’LL DIE!!!!

  11. Maybe I’m the odd one out, but at this point in the campaign Sarkis is the only character that doesn’t seem like a self-justifying douchebag. Though Vashyyk isn’t so much of a douchebag, as he’s being dragged around by emasculating douchebags.

    The thing that amuses me about Low Crag is, if he wasn’t a player character, the party would have been plotting his death halfway through the episode. There’s that blatant (however necessary) metagaming going on where the rest of the party seems to have to say “well, you’re an aggressive douche who disagrees with everything we do, insults us all the time, and constantly threatens to kill everyone we talk to, but for some reason we keep bringing you along.”

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