Monsters and Other Childish Things: Sucrose Park Gaiden


What happens after the heroes pass through Sucrose Park and defeat Cool Rat? A group of kids finds out that robots with true AI,  self-replicating technology and errant programming shouldn’t be left unmonitored. Kids have been kidnapped from tourist traps from around the country and forced to join strange factions in a weird underground facility. The robots have something planned but it’s hard to tell what.  This game is based on material from the campaign Road Trip published by Arc Dream.

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  1. I don’t know quite what’s happening in this AP, i’ve only listened to about four minutes – but this sounds pretty freakin good.
    Random new girl, and Aaron, in MAOCT? Oh yeah.

    Post more New World, unrelated but goddamnit i need that new world. like a drug.

  2. 22mins in, this is amazing.

    I’m so happy this exists.

  3. New Girl + Cody = Amazing.

    Then again most things = Cody = amazing.

    Also love how almost every nerd culture reference was lost upon her.

  4. But what happened to the Prussia peasants?

  5. Author

    THEY KNOW THE HARVEST IS COMING – they dare not leave

  6. The Prussian peasants escaped and went on to form a perfect agrarian society. Though sadly it would be wiped out 3 months later due to a cholera epic.

  7. Edit: Epidemic. Sorry, cannot spell on while on sleep deprivation.

  8. @rayner23 Thank you for giving us a link, I was so terrified about googling that.

  9. Also, I like how Tom essentially managed to turn himself into Mr. Duke during this game. Meta!

  10. So when Cody started singing “I’m a Survivor” I had a flash of an elf lich doing the ‘you should have put a ring on it’ dance.

    You people have warped my mind in ways cosmis ghoul infested horror has hither to failed…..

    And the episode rocks. And the new blood (Brooksie?) was fantastic.

  11. So have you guys replaced me with Caleb, or the new girl?

  12. @FuzzyDan Neither, I’d say – Caleb seems to be Arje’s replacement, and the new girl has yet to demonstrate any scheming on the level you brought to the table. Your shoes as yet go unfilled.

  13. Have you guys played any other games with Brooksie(sp)? She seems pretty cool with the game for a non-geek, but I’m curious how she would do in a game where she had to play a wildly different character. I have a hard time imagining her playing CoC or even DnD.

    So how the heck did you guys get a normie to play with YOU? 😉

  14. Tom: “Fuck his head!”

    Cody: “Fuck his head!”

    Tom and Cody [in unison]: Fuck his head! Fuck his head! Fuck his head!

    Everyone [nervous laughter]

    Cody: “Its a website, it isn’t real…” [nervous laughter]

    [giggles] Tom: “Yeah [giggles], but we MADE it real!”


    Imagining Brooke’s horrified reaction made this episode worth listening to!

    Hot damn, this is why I love RPPR!!!

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