MAOCT: Are you there Witch? It’s me, a Monster at Dragon 09

The Kingdom of Oz is in peril! The Wizard and Dorothy have long since abandoned it and a new ruler is needed before it falls apart. But there’s only one person capable of uniting the kingdom…the Wicked Witch of the West. The players must brew her back to life with a magic ritual and figure out how to change her so she’s a bit more suitable as a ruler. In order to do this, the players must go on a quest and figure out what makes a worthy ruler. Find out what they wind up doing in this one shot I ran at Dragoncon 2009.

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  1. Just got finished listening to this AP.

    Man, makes me wish I had the cash to actually go to a Con and enjoy a weekend of gaming…

    It strikes me as ironic and strange how my perspective on gaming has changed over the years. When I first started playing D&D back in the late 80s (I think I was around 12 or so) it was all about “hack and slash” dungeon crawls. You know, a good ole fashioned knock around: kill monsters, save town, get treasure…

    Now, at the age of 35, games have evolved into a much more erudite affair. This scenario is a perfect example of the evolution in gaming.

    I really enjoyed the witch creation absurdity and how Ross lost it while trying to describe the player’s creation. I also really enjoyed the various players and their monsters, especially the megalodon shark with that soft southern English accent!

    All in all, another great game…

    P.S. Yes Ross, Tom, Cody, Bill, Dan, Jason, Mike I will contribute to the New World ransom, I want more New World episodes dammit!

  2. But Daddy, I want a Yog-So-Soft!!!

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