MAOCT: Sucrose Park at Fear the Con 2011

WE CAN'T STOP HERE - THIS IS ROBOT COUNTRY I ran one of my favorite chapters from Road Trip at Fear the Con 4 with special player Chad Wattler from Fear the Boot. As before, the intrepid kids and their monster pals are investigating a strange theme park in Las Vegas called Sucrose Park. Kids enter but they never leave. At the center of the mystery is a giant brain and the bizarre mascot, Cool Rat. Enjoy! (Sorry about the noise levels but it’s unavoidable during con games).

Special thanks to Violet Kirk for the art!

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  1. Clearly these players didn’t know what they wanted from this game. They basically avoided Coolrat. What is Sucrose Park without liberal amounts of Coolrat?

    And wow, this was a really crazy session compared to the original playtest. The kids basically went everywhere all at once and then elected to be kidnapped.

    Also, I weinced a little bit every time you mispronounced “wince.”

  2. Thanks again for running this Ross. I had a really good time and enjoyed the adventure! I’ll never look a Jugglo the same way… not that I ever tried to look at Jugglo’s in the 1st place. πŸ˜‰

  3. @cap: The focus was on the mystery, so the players were going after the mystery. I think that’s part of a con game and ensuring it doens’t run over.

    In fact, I think this is a great example of giving players freedom and yet also ensuring the game speed is good on a restricted timescale. The players could go everywhere, seemed to get to use their skills as they wished, and yet managed to be drawn to the end mystery including a resolution in the time.

    It was certainly more focused and seemed to flow much better than the Masks game from last year that had to tie up in such a rush.

    I also loved some of the bits of business the players came up with here. Having races with each other, being part of the Jaws exhibit, etc.

  4. @beowuuf I understand there is an imperative to finish quickly (under 4 hours) in a con game. I’m just pointing out that the original playtest was still under 4 hours in length.

    Also, I was being somewhat facetious about the amount of Coolrat. Still, though. . . you can always have more Coolrat.

  5. It also sounded like Ross wanted to address some rules questions at the end.

    You are right, you can never have enough cool rat! All books should probably come with an electronic Cody as standard that says ‘I Love You, Coolrat’ and asks Nurse Ratchet a hundred questions.

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