Monsters and Other Childish Things: Sucrose Park

Designed as the ultimate daycare center, Las Vegas’ Sucrose Park looks after thousands of kids while their parents gamble away their college tuition in nearby casinos. A corporate wonderland of rides, ball pits, arcades and the mascot CoolRat await. Too bad the owner of the park never wants anyone to leave. Ever. Instead, when the parents come to pick up their kids, a robot duplicate is given to them and few parents notice the difference. After all, they’re too concerned with how much money they just lost. The players discover that the owner is a monster who decided that it couldn’t be friends with just one kid, it had to be friends with all children. All the neon lights and laser tag arenas can’t hide the fact that Sucrose Park is a prison. It’s time to break out.

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  1. This was easily my favorite of the Codex of War pre-release episodes, and is the game that initially encouraged me to try out Monsters. I really don’t mind listening to this multiple times, and would love to hear even more Road Trip games.

  2. This was a Codex of War pre-release? No one else has heard of cool rat until now? MY GOD!

  3. I love this game so much! Everything about it was just really awesome. When Cool Rat rides in on his skateboard, I crack up just thinking about it.

  4. I tried listening to this at work, but there should have been a Cody disclaimer. I almost soaked through 7 months in a violent coffee spray from mouth.

    I cannot continue, I’ll finish it when I’m not in danger of laughing too loud.

    PS. I’m totally going to buy The Yet Unnamed Road Trip Campaign.

  5. I’ve begun playing to run a Monsters and other Childish Things game myself. I’m going to add CoolRat to the pool of possible monsters.

    Great episode guys.

  6. I love these Monster games. The variety is great and plays to your group’s strengths. Cool Rat is giving me a strong Chucky Cheese vibe which seems appropriate as a horrible child stealing monster.

  7. Even though “Cool Rat” was riding a skateboard, I kept picturing that scene from the movie Rad with the two BMX riders “dancing” on their bikes at the prom to Real Life’s song “Send Me An Angel”…

    Is there something wrong with me?

    Anyway, another great AP. Cody mentioned an episode ago that he will listen to RPPR APs so he can laugh at his jokes. That kinda creeps me out, but Cody is a funny bastard!

  8. I’m not sure how creepy it really is so much as it is narcissistic. I consider it research for what is funny and what isn’t. It helps me grow as an entertainer and all around funnyman.

  9. Cody, you’re the man. Seriously, you make me laugh my ass off with your antics…

  10. The owner of the company just walked by as I was trying desperately to hold in the laughter as the nerd was screaming “I wanna get sucked!”

  11. Cody = Best roleplayer ever!

  12. I love this. “She’ll read you. . TOLSTOY!” dun dun dunnnnnnn.

  13. Whatever guy played Dash NEEDS TO REPRISE THAT ROLE. Please please please please play another module from the Road Trip book? I’ll seriously buy pizzas for your roleplay session.

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