4E Dungeons and Dragons – The New World Campaign Game 27: Die Lich, you don’t belong in this world

The Water Barons now face a lich, Numeides, and must defeat the vile undead sorcerer. Can they defeat her? What is the secret to her phylactery? Will the people next door turn down their music? All this and more in New World episode 27!

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  1. I finally show up again. Back from the dead in real life and back in Actual Plays.

  2. I was right about healthcare, Tom. I was right.

  3. I think the best description of this episode is “unique”. At least I hope so. The “impression” of Ross is solid gold, I hope we continue to get more of that in the future.

    The city hall event at the end makes for a pretty good example of why not to throw players directly into a puzzle after a long, long combat event. “I set it on fire and attack it”.

  4. “Unique” is a great word for it.

    Never fear, Tad. This was the worst session we ever had in the New World campaign. Dan’s place isn’t Ross’s, and we were all off.

    Long combat sucks and there is no fight that is quite like this one. Don’t worry. It gets much MUCH better.

  5. Tom cracked me up during this AP…

    I detected definitely strains of homo-eroticism, especially when he was saying and I’m paraphrasing here:

    “Put it in your mouth, there ya go… All the way down…”

    I can’t remember exactly but it made me laugh.

    I think Tom and Cody chanting “FUCK HIS HEAD! FUCK HIS HEAD! FUCK HIS HEAD!” in unison was pretty fucking funny too…

    People at work walk by my office and think that I’m nuts because I’m laughing my ass off at these APs…

  6. I mean “definite strains of homo-eroticism” not “definitely”, but hey, whatever…

  7. I was waiting for Ross to say ‘Oh, by the way, the lich is still alive. It happens that the phylactery was actually a small model version of the City Hall.’

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