RPPR Actual Play: 4E Dungeons and Dragons – The New World Campaign Game 14

The Paragon tier of adventure continues with the Water Barons fighting their way to the peak of the mountain to converse with the Ant Spirit. In order to defeat Cortez and prove that civilization is better than tyranny, they shall undertake a great contest. Furthermore, the warlock Kuthin makes a dark deal with the Water Spirit.  All this and more in the 14th session of the New World campaign!

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  1. mmmm you say trading cards for treasuer vouchers… mmmmmmm!

  2. Great episode!
    I love the atypical DnD shenanigans and yeah burning the first ship sounds like an awesome prank.

  3. “It’s a game of two halves.” Chopping up monsters in the first bit, and the start of a fascinating campaign scenario for the second half. I enjoyed it.

    This was the first D&D Podcast I found and have just discovered/downloaded the all the previous ones now – http://slangdesign.com/rppr/the-new-world-free-4e-dd-campaign-setting/

    It’s the beginning of a beautiful relationship between listening to all of your dulcet voices in various levels of profanity, and me either washing up or ironing over the next couple of months.

    Many thanks!

  4. I have been listening to the New World Campaign podcast on my iPhone, and downloading through the iTunes app. I cannot for the life of me find episode 14 or 15 on either RPPR download sections.

    Is there any way you can upload them again for those of us that need to catch up?


  5. Author

    well both episodes are available for download on the website so you can manually download and transfer them from a computer. They’re here so I think Itunes just won’t go farther back in the feed to pull them automatically.

  6. I’ll see if I can do that from home then. Stupid work computer won’t let me do any kind of file transfers.

    Interestingly enough I can get all the older episodes going back to number 2… but 14/15 seem to be missing.

  7. I got Ep 15 to download manually but Ep 14 only downloads 19 minuntes of it.

  8. Author

    I don’t know what to tell you. I’ve downloaded the entire episode manually and it goes longer than 19 minutes. Try downloading it to a new location on your computer or try to download it from another computer.

  9. I clicked save target as on the Play in new window link and I got it. Booyah! Thx

  10. um, where can I find the first episodes to this?

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