Many years before the Water Barons first set foot on the New World, Cortez led a secret crusade to stop a great evil from consuming the world. He is accompanied by a faithful priest, vengeful wizard and hardened mercenary warrior. Find out what the New World was like before the Old World had established its colonies.

Cortez’s army has been defeated but Cortez still remains in power. How can the Water Barons remove the tyrant from power once and for all? In this session, they journey to Cortez’s territory to confront the madman in a dramatic confrontation. The fate of a nation is decided in this episode.

Special thanks to Ean Moody for the art!

The final battle between Cortez’s horde and the ragtag underdog colonial army is finally here! No quarter will be given or asked. There will be no retreat. The players face either victory or death. The savage and monstrous generals of the horde will not spare a single life if they win. Of course our heroes are not so easily stopped. They fight with their ally Bright Eyes, played by guest player Brian!

Art by Geistig

KABOOM explains Watcher On the eve of war, the Water Barons must make their final preparations before Cortez’s army arrives. But which strategy should they employ in their greatest battle thus far? Watcher the fighter favors the ingenious tactic of luring the enemy inside the village then blowing the entire village up. The other characters have mixed reactions to this plan, as can be seen in this picture. Find out what their final plans are in this episode.

Special thanks to Ean Moody for the art!

The Captain by Ean MoodyIn this episode the Water Barons fight to retrieve a Lemurian artifact before Cortez’s horde. Can they survive the onslaught of murderous monsters and other deadly challenges? Perhaps they can with a little help from an old friend…The Captain! (formerly the Lieutenant).

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Special thanks to Ean Moody for the art!