4E Dungeons and Dragons: The New World Gaiden 01

Many years before the Water Barons first set foot on the New World, Cortez led a secret crusade to stop a great evil from consuming the world. He is accompanied by a faithful priest, vengeful wizard and hardened mercenary warrior. Find out what the New World was like before the Old World had established its colonies.

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  1. I felt really bad with the destruction of the Festivalites. I think I couldnt GMs a session like that. Those people were too pure in my conception. Anyway,


    . Destruction of the tibe
    . Ogmar, the Rotund, the old and ‘no saying’ version of Balgrin.
    . The old grey fangs

    Im looking after the fall of Cortez and an epic battle between him and the players, with their utmost death by Cortez hands. Ross’s character debanding the pelorites and starting a riot.

    But, being sincere, I miss the New World 31. Epic clashes are demanded, final battles, the fight against the ancient great dragon of lizarmen, the red dragon of iron hearts, the albino grippli, the final dissociation between Pontifex and the players – and maybe a battle between – and so on and so forth.

    Also, maria’s life being destroyed by codys hands, the vengeance of sir carrigan, the domination of the colony by Pontifex. Im also waiting for the closing of codys character, as he said, session 28 I think, that he already had an idea.


  2. It broke my heart listening to Cody describe things immediately after the party’s less-than-friendly contribution to the Festival.

  3. Man, this AP goes to a WEIRD place around 4:26:30.

  4. Does it go to a weird place or to the subtext that we had always assumed was there?

  5. Of all the slash fiction that anyone could write – Ross/Tom, Cody/RJ, Cody/Cody clone, Mike/Bill… the Ross/Cody angle could never have been imagined in a million years.

    It was so beautiful. Or horrifying. I get those two confused sometimes.

  6. I ship Cody/Jason. Cody would be tops.

  7. YAY! No Dan shipping!

  8. I ship for you dan. I ship for you…

  9. Arje is my favorite RPPR’er as of late. I loved the way he remorselessly toasted those Festivites!

    Arje really knows how to roleplay a flaming conquistador! 😉

    Ross was just being his maniacal self. I like the idea of exploring the darker aspects of religious conversion in a new world type setting. I think Ross could really have some fun playing a character that believes he is doing good works, when in fact he is irreparably destroying an established culture.

    I guess Tom couldn’t stand playing with you guys! Wow! That is quite an accomplishment! Hopefully Tom makes a return as a suitably unscrupulous, cannibal in the near future.

    Cody, you are doing an excellent job as a DM. I really admire your total commitment to roleplaying your NPCs. Great job and keep up the good work.

    I am looking forward to hearing more of this game in the future!

  10. Isn’t Crystal Lake the Lake in the Friday the 13th Movies….

  11. For all of those of us joining this party really, really late, this is NOT part 31 of the New World Campaign as linked to by the ‘master list’ page of http://slangdesign.com/rppr/the-new-world-free-4e-dd-campaign-setting/

    Part 31 is actually here

    Although it’s not what you were expecting it is still a fun listen and it’s good to hear a fresh perspective on the world they’ve all been playing in for so long (there is a second part somewhere around here too).

  12. Author

    derp i fixed the link switchaeroo.

  13. I am shocked Gregor was not bemoaning the grimdarkness of the New World.

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