4E Dungeons and Dragons: The New World Gaiden 02

Cortez has a crisis of faith as the expedition discovers the presence of old gods in the New World. While some counsel Cortez to remain faithful, others care more about their own agenda.  Learn more about the New World before the colony arrived in the second Gaiden game.

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  1. Even though these sessions are interesting and very amusing, please, consider the real New World campaign. Those wich are also nammed Gaiden may be very good apethisers, but nothing more than that in the long run.

    These are my sincere feelings.

  2. It’s perversely fun listening to the vein in Cody’s head grow and grow.

  3. This episode provided even more “ROSS CAN’T REMEBER SHIT”. Let’s make a list.

    *Thinks he came up with the frog jesus joke.
    *Thinks the vampires took the hostages with them.
    *Thinks Eisenhorn didn’t slightly in push RJ’s guy into the Festival Masacre (though he could have regreted it)
    *ALMOST EVERYTHING that happend durring the first half of this episode.
    *The name of the town town crier (it’s Campbell, god!)

    I’d like to think Eisenhorn became Cortez #2.After all , Cortez only worshipped Ant because he thought Ant was Pelor and the only thing that really seporates Eisenhorn from MAIN GAME!Cortez is a matter of extremes. Eventually, though, Eisenhorn wold realize that enslaving people and throwing them in murder bag isn’t very Pelor like, where apon he would be thrown into said murder bag.

    Also, The “Dwarves kill themselves when trying to use the Lemurian artifacts they found” reminds me of Dwarf Fortress. I like that the goblins are going to find them(unless Ross forgets again) becaus it would make them even more like the space pirates from Metroid.

  4. Author

    to be fair it was like a month or two between the previous gaiden sessions and this one

  5. God forbid Ross be human and forget something once in awhile.

    Also, Gaigaia, I appreciate your love of the New World Campaign, but your tone (and your spelling) offend me. Being able to flesh out the New World a little was something that meant a lot to me and to call the Gaiden games “nothing more” than a word that doesn’t really exist is offensive to me. The game was meant to be a metaphor for colonization in that the old gods had abandoned the land and the new gods were coming. It was meant to be a very literal metaphor with many gods being abandoned and forgotten when 4th ed came out and sort of a sad note about how poorly we treated the Native Americans. Maybe it didn’t come off like that in the actual games, but in the planning, it was a very powerful idea.

    These emotions that I present are honest and heartfelt for all to bear witness to.

  6. The second half of this episode was epic and awesome. I was enjoying the combat and the battle with the Tom-shoggoth and friends, but as soon as Cortez got to that door and the cavern opened up, this game hit high gear.

    Very well paced, and I loved the ending. Really well done, Cody.

  7. Im sorry, rayner. I was wrong in saying that and I apologise. I like the Gaiden campaign, even though the burning scene really did hurt me, dont know why.

    I hope there are no hard feelings

  8. I wasn’t a fan of the burning scene either. It was certainly very bothersome, but unfortunately, that’s history for us (albeit, a fantasy version of history that isn’t remotely true).

    The feelings were not hard. Don’t worry.

  9. I’m still trying to figure out how Ross throws his voice during the introduction of these podcasts.

    He must be using some sort of post production editing… 🙂

    I really enjoyed this series of games. You did a great job Cody. Tom and Ross had me laughing and laughing. Tom and Ross playing together as PCs is pure comedy gold!

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