Dark Sun Episode 2: Welcome to Urik

Read the prequel to this adventure first!

A group of desperate and cursed adventurers find themselves in the wilderness outside of Urik. As they travel to the city, they come across a bewildered teenager who has no idea how he got there. But as deadly as the barren desert is, the greatest dangers to the bearers of the artifact are inside the walls of the city. Urik is a brutal military state where danger is not obvious and in the open but comes from the shadows. Find out how our protagonists fare in this episode of the RPPR Dark Sun campaign!

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  1. Fun AP: very entertaining.

    But I do have a question for Ross, Tom, and Cody:

    Why are you guys so mean to Aaron?

  2. Author

    Was I mean to Aaron in this episode? I didn’t think I was that bad. Also, everyone is mean to me D: ;_;

  3. They are mean to you, Ross, because you GM most of the time. Players are always bastards to the GM, even though you put in all this effort to make the little fuckers interested and happy but the second they don’t get their way they start bitching like a bunch of entitled babies who never get what they want and it’s my job to bend over backwards to give them everything they want and if the game is challenging, it’s TOO challenging and if you make the game easier, it’s TOO easy and if you make it just right for one player the rest start complaining and- oh, sorry. This post got away from me a little bit.

  4. We complain about Dark Sun fights being seemingly too difficult, but I don’t think we complain all that much when we don’t get our way. We certainly don’t pout or completely shut down. I’d say that all of us respect Ross’s authority as a GM.

    I wouldn’t say that “Players are always bastards to the GM” but we are jerks to Ross only because that’s sort of our dichotomy with him. It’s all in good fun when we do the Ross voice or talk about his publisher.

    Damn, we need a therapist.

  5. Aaron drinking game! I came up with that! I feel special now that it was mentioned “on-air” sadly he seems to have curbed his tendency.

  6. Cody, my rant was more about my own players than about the RPPR crew.

    And I was trying to be funny.

    Nevermind… πŸ™

  7. There is no room for comedy here. The comments page is for serious discourse only.

    Now, please, return to discussing how awesome I am as a GM . . . because I rock that shit.

  8. It’s true! He does rock that shit!

  9. Science verifies it: shit was ROCKED.

  10. Ok this might sound a bit weird, but the guy that played Gaga in that earlier game. He’s gt one of the best voices. Seriously him and Cody both rock incredibly distinctive voices, its like the complete opposite ends of the spectrum.

  11. I really appreciate these Dark Sun actual plays. The last four sessions (2 sessions per episode) have been highly entertaining.

    Cody’s skills as a GM are without question and I love that Cody never hesitates “to go there”. I also appreciate the way that he roleplays the NPCs, its refreshing to hear a GM that really gets into his characters. Cody, I salute you!

    Ross, Caleb (sp), Jason and Tom are hilarious as usual. I love the fact that Ross takes every opportunity to take advantage of “the rules”, stops just short of metagaming and has the ability to effectively rationalize it all. That takes a special kind of bastard/GM.

    Caleb is just plain funny. Jason always plays the not-quite-psychotic-or-is-he type that makes the games interesting and Tom… Oh what to say about Tom. I fucking love Tom!!

    Special mention goes to Aaron though. I’ve been hard on Aaron in the past, but I really do respect the fact that he’s really making an effort. I also appreciate his characters and how they make excellent foils to the unmitigated bastards that compose the rest of the party. Hats off to you Aaron (although I do agree with the rest of RPPR cast: your character has a boner for the torture)!

    Thank you all and keep em’ coming! Can’t wait for the next AP!

  12. Green Arrow sucks at grimdarking. >:[

  13. And of course I mean “Green Aaron.” Ollie Queen is pretty good at grimdarking.

  14. Hey, I only have a 10% capacity when it comes to portraying evil characters and unfortunately that was pretty well used up at Gen Con this year.

  15. I think you need to convince Ross to run a game at the other end of the alignment spectrum – some sort of Care Bears RPG, for example. Then you would be top dog in the roleplaying department and you could yell at the others for their character portrayals.

  16. And yet, there would still manage to be some Care Bear torture.

    Just kidding, Aaron, you’re great. You’ve come a long way.

  17. Wouldn’t a Care Bear themed AP be torture enough?!

  18. “Wouldn’t a Care Bear themed AP be torture enough?!”

    Only if it was done right. Like Care Bears mixed with Saw. Where the traps are set up that they have to not care about people to save them. “This person will die horribly, unless you can find it in yourself to loathe them. Live or die. Make your choice”

  19. The above post is why I love Tom Church…

  20. So Ross’ character has basically become Locke for this new campaign, sleeping with everyone he can. This should be hilarious.

  21. It looks like you guys figured out Aaron’s sweet tooth.

    I actually didn’t really like the first episode but man oh man was this one totally worth it. The dinner party was as good as the much of the New World craziness!

    And the Chocobo love making was tasteful and added to the over all plot quite nicely.

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