Dark Sun Episode 05: Antlion part 2

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In the conclusion of the RPPR Dark Sun campaign, our heroes find themselves under siege. Desperate villagers attack them while their erstwhile allies are as dangerous as ever. How will they get out of the antlion’s pit? Find out in this last episode of Dark Sun!

A note: We stopped playing Dark Sun shortly after this session for various reasons – one of them being burned out on fantasy. So, we switched to Wild Talents. I find it unfortunate that there will be no resolution but perhaps that is fitting given the nature of Dark Sun itself.

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  1. oh, wow. thought this one was already over, somehow.

    you’re a cruel man for leaving the Know Evil crew hanging on the verge of a hull breach for a month!

  2. Know Evil is the most engaging campaign since the New World games and it is not getting the recognition it deserves.

    i am going to make a point of just complaining about what ross ISN’T posting no matter what he posts


  3. I for one am glad this one bit the dust. The series was just too disjointed for my tastes. It’s still funny and entertaining and a great educational tool for newbie GMs looking for examples of game play and mining ideas.

  4. uh, was I complaining? I’m p much in love with everything RPPR does, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have favorites. =3

  5. I could listen to the other party talk about the PCs for hours more. I like to imagine them around a campfire or whatever Dark Sun horrible version there is talking about those crazy losers they met once.

  6. “And I’m going back to the warrior and cutting his face off.” -Tom


  7. They could have killed the Bound Man by throwing him into the Silt Sea, but then they found out they had some exit strategy, so that wouldn’t work. Still the Bound Man can suffer pain to the point his immortality doesn’t matter, so it would work, if they didn’t have a contingent teleport, like Ross always likes to do…

  8. Too bad this ended. When they picked up the metal-tipped arrows, I was thinking man, I can’t wait until people on the street are just like throwing rocks at Aaron’s character until he has no choice but to shoot them in the leg, then saying, “Thanks!” and limping away to go sell the metal.

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