Dark Sun Episode 1 – Rime of the Cursed Artifact

The grimdark world of Athas is not one for the weak or foolish. The gods are dead, water is scarce and civilization is ruled by evil immortal sorcerer kings. A group of disparate wanderers and vagabonds find themselves drawn together by a cursed artifact while on a caravan bound for the city state of Tyr. But even in the relative safety of the city, they cannot pull away from the artifact and mysterious forces that seek their destruction. This episode combines the first two sessions of the new RPPR Dark Sun campaign.

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  2. In this game: Tom REALLY enjoys not being Vashyk anymore.

  3. I really enjoyed listening to this game. It was a very different compared to the New World, but in a good sense. I particularly liked the hostility between Aaron’s character and Jason’s, their world views and personalities clash in such an obvious way that it feels like they’re sitting on top of an atomic bomb. It’s a far cry from the indirect scheming that happened behind Vashyk’s back, in the hope that the party wouldn’t tear itself apart.

  4. @ Dom, Don’t worry about it.

  5. Aaron sure says “It’s like” alot, It’s like it should be a drinking game or something.

    Props to Cody for quoting abed from community and to Tom for doing the Mandark laugh.

  6. Wow, that O.T.K. on Tom’s bug is the perfect way to inaugurate a Dark Sun campaign.

  7. it’s like it’s like it’s like it will never stop

  8. I found Jason’s post about Aaron’s Gencon game relevant in light of the ‘oh-so’ funny comments about a certain verbal tick.

    “I don’t post that often, and I know I’m the least mentioned of the RPPR regulars, but Patrick I feel you’re being especially hard on Aaron. I know we give him a rough time of it, but he knows it’s all in good fun. Your comments, however, on this thread are quite brutal, and I must say a little aggravating. Yes, Aaron has an annoying verbal tick, and it’s like (sorry, Aaron) hard not to notice and squint in pain when it takes over the brunt of his speech. Others have mentioned that Ross and Tom have ticks of their own (I do too–God, do I have them), but who doesn’t? Even professional orators slip up every now and then while speaking. And we in no way claim to be professional orators. We’re geeks, which naturally grant us the predisposition of being less confident and more apt to stumble over our tongues more often than our non-geek counterparts.

    Our games are meant to be a time to kick back and relax after the stress of a long and arduous work-week…and/or school. I find it hard sometimes to think or stay on task most of the time because I’m spent. I’m pretty sure that’s why we behave like a bunch of ADHD children at times. We curse, tell dirty jokes, or make snide remarks at the GM or one another because it’s fun and a way to let go.

    Curbing an involuntary verbal tick is no easy task. I used to go to speech therapy in elementary for years because I had a bit of a lisp, and it can be heard pretty easily still if you’re listening for it. I say umm or uhh a great deal, or stutter, or pause for quite some time because my mind is working much faster than my motor functions and the words I need to illustrate my thoughts elude me. And of course, actual plays will demonstrate this more than a speech because we have not spent meticulous hours cultivating, reciting, and preparing ourselves to deliver a grand oral presentation; we are playing it off the cuff.

    Could Aaron limit his verbal tick? Sure, but not without great effort and restraint…and it most certainly wouldn’t feel natural. And if he were able to, it should not be for the benefit of others or RPPR, but for himself. In the end, Patrick, do as I do and try to ignore it, because continuing to focus on it and ridicule him for it will only make things worse in the long run.

    And Aaron, I’m proud of ya buddy for running a game at Gen-Con! I couldn’t have done it.”

    Jason, because of this post, you now have a fan club of at least 1.

  9. Thanks jw. I appreciate it. Oh and joecrak I like the idea of a drinking game. I’m gonna run by the guys and see what Aaron thinks. With our characters constantly clashing, it would be amazing if I had to keep drinking while we are interacting.

  10. You would all be completely smashed within the first 30 minutes of the game.

  11. Yay! I feel noticed! I hadn’t listened to his gen-con games, because well frankly, i hate hearing the crowded rooms, im spoiled like that.

    To make the drinking game even more amazing you also have to have Aaron drink every time he says it!

  12. @joecrak I feel like that might actually help the situation instead of exacerbating it.

  13. So? What is there to lose?

  14. But if I become a complete alcoholic, wouldn’t it be fun to have someone to blame. It’s not my fault! Blame Aaron.

  15. Ok, after having listened to the AP, I’m worried that if Jason becomes drunk, he’ll actually start acting out what his character does!

    *cue scene from resevoir dogs while everyone else sits back, narrates for the recorder, and takes shots*

  16. Every hero needs his villain right jw? Glad I could help out with that…

    Great game. I like cannibal Tom versus nice-dragon Tom. Human jerky sounds tasty, especially in light of some of the atrocious Mexican food I’ve eaten over the years 😛

    The last fight was pretty intense… AP combat always strikes me as somewhat boring and uninteresting. I found the last fight very interesting because of the danger level. Two characters went down, I don’t think I’ve ever heard an all-RPPR actual play where two characters go down in the first 10 minutes of the fight!

    Looking forward to the next Dark Sun AP!

  17. Jeez, what a bunch of whiny-ass babies! Ross throws one slightly difficult fight at you, and you’re all “This isn’t fair! This is BS!” Man up, nancies, this is Dark Sun!

    Other than that, I love the new campaign, and can’t wait for more Dark Sun APs!

  18. Bohring…

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