Dark Sun Episode 04: Antlion part 1

Since the last episode of Dark Sun, our protagonists have been stranded in a remote corner of Athas: The Silt Sea. They are surrounded by foes and untrustworthy rivals but they must work together with a group of NPC adventurers in order to survive. In this small island on the silt sea, a buried secret reveals itself…a secret that promises great rewards but only the strong will live long enough to claim it. Can the cursed bearers of the artifact survive this most dangerous ordeal yet?

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  1. I’m sure this got posted a million times on the other Dark Sun APs, but yr sposeta roll a death save eeevery round on your turn til you get a 20 or a heal/heal check from an ally, and three fails means you’re fried. so even that level of bone terror from the players wasn’t sufficient. cmon, Ross, make em shake. =D

    otherwise, hilarious as ever. I guess we’ve got some superhero stuff comin up? did I see right on the forums that Caleb’s Eclipse Phase campaign had actually happened? with Alice in Wonderland themes? are we gonna get that poured into our readee mouthes some time soon?

  2. Crawkill–EP is underway. We are in session eight or something like that. No idea when Ross plans to start posting them. You’ll have to ask him.

    The Alice in Wonderland stuff is all from Ross’s character, who is a high-functioning delusional psychopath. I’d describe the themes so far as general paranoia, the omni-presence of death, and a the fucked-any-way-you-go hopelessness of a never-ending battle against mysterious forces. Eclipse Phase is fun 🙂

  3. Damn you Ross, now I have to go back and listen to the other Dark sun ones because I forgot the plot haha!

  4. what episode are the vignettes with crag-lo on???

  5. sigh ignore my post, I posted Lo-crags… not Crag-lo… haha I’m a dork!

  6. its ok, ignore my post as well, i didnt listen to the episode 3 all the way through, stupidity for everyone!

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