4E Dungeons and Dragons – The New World Campaign Game 46: A New World

The past is prologue Once upon a time before the light had been born, there was a great darkness that covered the world. Our people could not yet see and we were helpless against the things that did crawl in the darkness. From the cold, hard ground the Great King fashioned guardians and explorers. They were crude and callous nor did they have proper souls like you or I. Yet our Great King made them so they would help us in this time of darkness.

These earthen men did not respond, except for a small band. They were infused with water so they were far greater than the other earthen men, almost as great as us. The Great King set great tasks upon them to bring about the birth of light. With gentle guidance from the first king, highest servant of the Great King, these brave and simple creatures eventually brought forth the light that created our world. The eyes of our people could now see the glory and splendor of everything! The other earthen creatures displeased Great King for their failure and moved to destroy them all yet first king begged for their lives. A few of them had gone above and beyond their limitations. Surely, the others might also transcend their base nature!

Great King saw this and spared the lives of all the lesser species you see today. As for the heroic earthen men, they were granted titles of nobility and became true Grippli, transformed by Great King as a reward for their heroism. They were the first Water Barons and all the heroic water barons you hear of defending our kingdom strive to emulate them.

What’s that? You want to know how the Water Barons saved the light and fought back the darkness? Well, it is a very long story but it all began with a journey to an unexplored continent. You see, the kingdom of the earthen men wanted to colonize a savage land far from their own shores…

-old Grippli creation myth, as transcribed from the stories of an old Grippli king

(The Ruins of Lemuria PDF is now available!)

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  1. I can’t believe it’s finally here. Excellent write-up, sure this will be one hell of a listen.

  2. Cant believe its finally over. One of the first Actual play campaigns I ever listened to is coming to an end. The game I blame for inspiring me to start podcasting my games. Which of course, has lead to its own share of problems. I actually have to be descriptive and make sure my players are having a good time. DAMN YOU ROSS, DAMN YOU!

    Seriously though, can’t wait to listen to the game and say good bye to all the crazy characters. You know, at least until WOTC comes out with the 4th edition expansion where you go from 30- 40 and become elder gods fighting cthulu :D.

  3. Still listening to the cast so can’t say much about the play, but thought I would let you know that Boone’s is available up in Minneapolis as well. It has fueled a few fancy nights back in the day…

  4. Good Show, Good Show! I loved it from the very beginning… I kindof want to put this into a giant audio show of just one episode… but the data consumsion would be fucking stupid to do… should I? Nah!
    I will let the fourm rats deal with it!

  5. Two words:

    Screaming pelican

    GG, WP, Go next

  6. and so it ends! whither now?

  7. also, yep, we’ve def got Boone’s Farm in Tucson too. let the spergs correct gun-related mistakes, the fags can take care of the one about booze.

  8. An amazing final episode.

    I’m really sad its over.

  9. I love how the very end is Ross finally saying “Yes… frog snatch.”

  10. sitting back and listening. I’ve been checking this EVERY DAY since the last NEW WORLD AP.

  11. Good ending. Very meta. Very meta, and fun. Not what I expected at all.

  12. although I believe I am one of the 6 people who actually have heard all of the episodes and just realized that probably something like 4 days of my life, I look back and I cry a little bit. On all the friends I could have made. All the girls I could have met. What kind of GPA I could have had if I would have spent all that time just studying. But then I think of all the times I literally laughed out loud while listening, and I Then I think it was surely a good amount of time well wasted. Kudos to you Ross, Tom, Bill, Dan… but fuck you Cody you suck,…. OK your cool too Cody, Thank for for making the episodes more than just entertaining. I will definitely miss listening to the podcast while I pretend to work. speaking of which my boss is coming over to talk to be about my TSP reports or some other jerk-off topic. So I will end with, Thank you

  13. Author

    The New World Campaign is 3.8 gigabytes

    The New World Campaign is 144 hours 4 minutes and 23 seconds long


  14. Before I discovered The New World Campaign, I was listening to two other 4E d&d actual play podcasts. When I started listening to The New World Campaign, i stopped listening to the other two and will probably never listen to them again. This podcast right here is the best damn 4E actual play podcast ever!

  15. Great campaign and a really good final episode, thanks for providing a enjoyable listening experience.

    Also, frog snatch.

  16. God! An Epic ending to an Epic story! I am almost sad to see it over.

    Keep up the great work!

  17. I’ve been listing to this AP since episode 2 and i’m sad to see it end. These podcasts have opened my eyes to many things (mainly internet memes). Looking forward to what ever you guys decide to do next

  18. This was just downright awesome, I loved it.

    *Starts Slow Clap*

    It was a great ride. I smiled to myself when I listened you you guys toast the end of the campaign.

  19. Yo ross if you could post a comment telling me about the next audio masterpiece or campaign that you guys are planning on doing it’d be most appreciated

  20. I got a shout out! Yay!

    Seriously though, what a great way to end a great campaign. I kind of felt a bit sentimental towards the end, considering that I have been listening since episode 1.

    Epic in every conceivable way. Man, I loved the way you wrapped things up Ross. Very well played guys and I couldn’t agree more with the group voting Vashik as the one to survive.

  21. Finally got around to listening to this episode, I’ve been putting it off for a while. But yeah I echo Cody’s “last 2 hours of an RPG” sentiment. Totally awesome Ross.

    I feel like you should do an episode on ending games. I really struggle with final sessions.

    This campaign is the reason I’m a listener and I’m only looking forward to what is coming next. BRAVO ALL THE PLAYERS!

  22. Holy frogsnatch, that was Epic! I have spent… so, so long listening to this — but what now? WHAT DO I DO NOW??

    …oooh, Eclipse Phase? OK, carry on.

    P.S. You guys really, sincerely, rock.

  23. Wow, seriously amazing. I loved the whole Pontifex deal w/his family. I even got a little misty when you described the helpful farmer living out his life happily. That really did it for me, because the whole time before that while everyone’s deciding who to keep, etc, I was thinking that I would have had Pontifex come back to live his life happily w/his family. You’re seriously an awesome storyteller, Ross, this whole thing was just, seriously, “layers upon layers.” Too many things to list as my fav’s, so I won’t. Definitely makes me want to use the great campaign material you provide, too. Maybe run a game in the new New World, too. =D Once again, thanks!

  24. okay just started listening to this years after the fact, Cody mentions, out of the blue, Joan Rivers who just died.

    cue Twilight Zone music

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