Call of Cthulhu: Incident on Bell Island

The liberty ships of World War 2 were hastily constructed cargo ships that moved desperately needed supplies from North America to Europe. They were built in weeks and many sank. On one ship, the Bell Island, the crew finds an alien stowaway that is seeking to take over.  Can the menace be stopped in time? This scenario was run at Gencon 2010 and was created and run by Tom Church.

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  1. The recoding is very quiet for me, even with PC volume set to max. Maybe it´s just me but is it possible to run it through a filter and increase the overall volume?

    It would increase the listening pleasure…

  2. Fire and electricity, the solutions to everthing.

  3. Nice scenario. The idea of one boat getting hit and the rest of the fleet going “Well, good luck with that” is definitely more plausible than “isolated boat runs across something weird.” Nice touch.

    Question, though – was it inspired at all by a 90s comic from Dark Horse, “Virus”? It focused on an extraterrestrial organism that landed on a military ship, assimilating the systems and harvesting the crew for parts. It later got adapted into a crappy movie.

  4. “Anyone who looks suspicious will be set on fire.”

    Words to live by.

  5. Tom runs a fun game.

    Great job Kimosabi!

  6. Watching the Supernatural episode “and then there were none” (March ’11).

    Wicked similar concept. Demon enters the body, gets flushed out by electricity.

    Mr. Tom Church, ahead of the curve.

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