4E Dungeons and Dragons – The New World Campaign Game 30: A wedding and a funeral

The end of paragon tier in the New World campaign! The Water Barons must deal with the internal division caused by the revelations of the late Bright Eyes. They must also get the Water and Fire spirit to marry if they are to get their wedding band, a crucial item in their quest to save the grippli from extinction. Many plot threads and resolved while hints of what lies ahead in epic are in this episode.

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  1. Best New World session yet: excellent RP from all involved. Plus, The Room! Hats off to the entire crew.

  2. “That’s Bugbear abortion!”


  3. Ah it was great to get back to the new world, it feels forever since i last basked in its wonders. Poor Locke being unable to bluff the others for once. and then the ending! What a sacrifice.

  4. Did anyone else think he was going to say ‘his friends’ and go evil? Ishould have had mopre faith!

    The bluff scene was great.

    The scene with glacier was awkwardly funny – you could tell just everyone wanted to get passed that one. The shooting star was a cool idea though.

  5. Was seriously impressed with Locke’s decision in the closing moments of the AP. Some of the best roleplaying yet.

    And the ending! Excellent cliffhanger, I shouted “No!” as soon as i realized that was the end.

  6. cant believe no one voted for the frog T_T and I realize I dont remember his name. you guys are awesome I listen to you guys and end up listening till 3 am until I finish the episode my class starts at 8 am XD. cool jokes guy that thats a lich in play (bad at names ^_^ . you guys teachers or students ?

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