4E Dungeons and Dragons – The New World Campaign Game 18: Let’s make a deal (with a Minotaur)

Let's talk this out
Hello I am a reasonable minotaur. Let's talk about this.

Finally! A proper dungeon crawl for the water barons! Our brave heroes descend into the sewers below the colony to deal with a group of vile vampires with dark plans for the poor colonists. So our heroes disguise themselves as slaves to sneak by the guard. However, the plan changes when they confront a wandering minotaur guard. Words cannot describe how the ensuing negotiation works out. You have to listen to find out.

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  1. Ooooh! Nice parliamentary procedure fight!

    And way to go with super bluffin’.

    I hope the next fight is super hard for the water barons.

  2. You come to a T intersection. to the north blah blah blah, to the east blah blah blah, and to the west blah blah blah…. so what its a lower case t?

  3. Bath in the blood of babies!!!

    He was an Eladrin traumatized by the undead. It was a beast of burden alone and afraid. They’re love will make each other whole.

    Christopher Walken stars in…..The Umbar Hulk Whisperer.

  4. Here are my notes about the episode:

    1) Go see Star Trek guys! It’s out in theaters now!!! Wait . . .

    2) Monsters in the School reference.

    3) Hey guys! Remember when everyone said “Like a boss?”

    4) “My Old Gay Lich”

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