4E Dungeons and Dragons – The New World Campaign Game 17 – Buy my Otyugh!

ALL OTYUGHS MUST GO The war between the Water Barons and Cortez’s horde continues, but this episode will be infamous for one scene where Locke hires some goblins to build a fortress for new ogre allies. The salesmanship of Balgron the Fat, the goblin chieftain is legendary and for good reason. He will sell you anything, even an otyugh if that’s what you need. Why the players need an otyugh…well that’s complicated. Just listen in and find out just how depraved the Water Barons get. This is a prime example of ‘gamer logic’ the crazy dream logic that gamers use to justify their insane actions in-game.

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  1. Well, I’m thirteen minutes in and I need to take a break.
    I’m laughing my ass off. This is gold!

  2. 13! just waite tell mid point, Im sure if I drank milk during this time it would have been out my nose!

  3. I’m at work right now. I’ve had to off the cast and walk outside because the shit eating monster sale almost had me in tears. And for the love of god hire the vampires to turn your enemies into vampires so you can slay them publically, rightously.

  4. Funniest episode since Number 2 — and that’s saying a lot. I love how weasel-y the guys can be when Tom’s character isn’t looking. And Watcher has a voice made for voice acting.

    I’ll listen to this one again it was so good.

  5. I love when Mike becomes very diplomatic. He is so authoritative and who wouldn’t want to agree with him?

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