Call of Cthulhu: Well of Sacrifices

A scenario from Mysteries of Mesoamerica from Pagan Publishing, it is described as “a legend around Pagan Publishing. Playtested again and again, the scenario gained the nick-name The Boneyard.” A group of archeologists check out a fabled Mayan site only mentioned in a dead explorer’s notes. Run as a pick up game at Gencon 2009, I run the scenario for Greg Stolze, Shane Ivey, James Knevitt, Tom, Aaron, and Andy. Find out who lives and who dies in this aptly named adventure!

We had a blast with the scenario and if you want to run it, pick up a copy of Mysteries of Mesoamerica. Great art, writing and more!

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  1. I couldent help to smile as soon as I heard Aaron say he was going to explore the small cave.

  2. I loved the native’s insane logic

    “Clearly, they are vampires and if we don’t kill them with our bullets they’ll come for us in the night!”

    And Whitey went with it.

  3. For the record, Greg was even more hilarious in person.

  4. That is simply astounding. This may very well be even worse than Aaron’s attempt to get away with evidence in the police station. I actually tried to talk to the recording towards the end. “What? No, no don’t go back into the well.”

    I recalled the words of Scott Glancy from Dig to Victory when he recalled the story of his buddies trying to get the alien out of a body by electrifying the metal plate it was on, then blowing the lights and having a PC go nuts with a gun in the dark: “For just that moment we thought we’d be able to hold our shit together but no.”

    Best part? That insane plan was totally player driven, nobody failed a SAN check to get there. I am going to go and buy Greg’s books now, just because of how awesome he was in this game.

  5. Greg’s failed Occult roll story that his character started spouting, was awesome.

    It’s always nice when the author of the scenario warns how deadly it is… Why not just remove a few of the creatures? Admittedly, I haven’t read the scenario, so I don’t know WTF was going on. I still don’t know!

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