Call of Cthulhu: The Sense of the Sleight of Hand Man episode 1

sense-coverFrom a squalid New York drug den to the spectral ruins of Sarkomand . . .

From the horrors of the Underworld to the zoog-haunted Enchanted Wood . . .

From the twilight city of Inquanok to the endless sunset of Ilek-Vad . . .

All the wonders of dream await—and all the terrors of nightmare, too.

The Sense of the Sleight-of-Hand Man is a full-length Call of Cthulhu (Sixth Edition) campaign of adventure, cosmic mystery, and deepest fear set in the Dreamlands of H.P. Lovecraft. The player characters—the Dreamers—explore the breadth of the otherworldly Dreamlands seeking a way back to the lives that they left behind. But can they survive the countless dangers of a world of dream—and the strange emnity of Nyarlathotep, the messenger and soul of the Outer Gods, when they fall under his capricious gaze?

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  1. well. I was gonna try and catch a nap to be more human for the rest of the day at work. now I see that hope was in vain.

  2. Yeeeees, it finally drops! My drive to Fear the Con is now complete.

  3. What is the sense of the slight of hand man. Is it sight or hearing or taste? What is it!?!

  4. Was curious as to what game/campaign would fill the void of “A Very thorough Murder”… I am most pleased. 😀

  5. A full length Cthulhu campaign? It’s going to be a wild ride! Time to grab the popcorn and start the Aaron’s-PC-Deathcount!

  6. @Caleb gave the best line as to their predicament upon encountering a certain duo. XD

  7. Mitchum Cleary returns! Good job, David!

  8. “Outstanding’er than hell!”
    –Early Cuyler

    Applies here. Kudos!

  9. ohmygod Aaronnn this tops giving your card to a serial killer you gave an interdimensional Tong boss your sister’s ADDRESS in the first five minutes of the game omg when you get back to Earth he’s just going to have her kidnapped and force you to go back again whyyy


    kind of strange. I think the session had some of the same problems that I perceived reading the book, that it presents these very set (multiple) paths to use but doesn’t give a huge amount of information about any given one. the Dreamlands are so weird that I feel like it’s kind of hard for players to think out of the box on the GM, at least at first. unless a huge amount of visual description goes into areas, they just won’t really be able to imagine what’s actually there that isn’t explicitly stated.

    I remember reading the bit about stealing a Black Galley and how there was really no advice at all given on how to do it, just a little splash of information about what the galley was like. no, like, named characters, not much routine. the book, to my mind, lacks the quality of a set of fleshed-out adventures, and is more a set of interrelated suggestions, each of which requires a significant amount of GM cobbling to turn into an interesting, playable story. it lacks beats, might be the tl;dr critique. as opposed to the classic CoC campaigns, which spell everygoddamnthing out. guess we’ll see if that approach works! I think -I’d- have a hard time running it.

    probably the more Companions-style additions to the core content we get, the better.

  10. How many session did this campaign last?

  11. @Review Cultist – Nothing can replace ‘A Very Thorough Murder’. This might replace Dungeon World or some such though…

  12. Thanks for sharing this campaign! I have read through it and want to run it, but I was waiting to see how Ross ran it first (as he is a skilled GM and I am a lazy oaf).

    One thing I was afraid of was that the 3 SAN checks in a row seemed VERY arbitrary and would frustrate the players. It doesn’t seem too annoying yet.

    I am also looking forward to hearing how the Notches are used.

    And props to Caleb for maintaining his character’s view of the land of Fancy.

  13. @Zero – Agreed it wont outright replace “A Very Thorough Murder” but it might help to fill the void left from it. XD

  14. I demand MORE Sense AP!!

    I mean, right now!

  15. Man, the Companions just popped right in there, I thought they’d be a bit more secretive for a bit.

    Also excited to see how the crew take this one, from what I recall it has a lot of ways to go and a lot of ways to end.

    I feel like more Dirty World could fill the gaping hole left by the end of “A Very Thorough Murder.”

  16. “Fuck you Ross. I make monsters to torture you guys, not me.”

    Love it.

  17. I have been looking forwards to this one for ages, I can’t wait to listen to this.

  18. This is really good…

  19. What are the companions ?

  20. You know, when I first heard the description for the companions before I realized who it was, I totally got this “Lutece Twins” vibe from them. But I suppose they would, wouldn’t they.

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