Call of Cthulhu: The Sense of the Sleight of Hand Man episode 6

ambrose-cover-illoThe dreamers have ascended to the surface, arriving at the city of Ulthar. Despite its relative safety, they have found they are not alone. Two strange companions have followed them to the city, under the orders of their dark lord. Slaying them accomplishes nothing, so the dreamers must find another means of stopping them. Even with the aid of cats like Splendid, can the dreamers defeat the immortal companions?

This episode uses material from the Wives of March from Hebanon Games.

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  1. This has been a great campaign so far, thanks for posting it up. I really enjoy seeing the evolution of the characters through such a hectic and dangerous CoC adventure and the indistinct transitions and fluid truths really add to the atmosphere.

  2. I fell asleep to this today, sick with the flu and doped on niquil. It was a Dreamland of incomplete character sheets, uncommunicative GMs and dogs.

  3. mm, the Companions. I’d love to see amante fit into this. sex horror in the Dreamlands, wooo

    it’s interesting how different characterization is between campaigns. in Know Evil and Wild Talents, we had really strong senses of each character’s personality. in NBA and here, it’s been much less so. I wonder if it’s a question of player investment or foreignness of setting or what. obviously here the fragility of PCs is part of it.

  4. RE: the finding trivial objects now imbued with supernatural power discussion: y’all should really check out The Lost Room.

  5. Man, got behind listening to some older stuff. Basically caught up now, finishing Episode 6, with 7 just getting posted.

    Another fun episode. Man, Detwiller makes some tough adventures.

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