Call of Cthulhu: The Sense of the Sleight of Hand Man episode 2

oracleAs the addicts recover from the initial shock of finding themselves in the Dreamlands, they realize they must flee the ruined city they started in or suffer a fate worse than death. After escaping, they find themselves at a strange city. The citizens there offer to help them find a way home, but only if they first go on a quest to seek out answers from an oracle. The dreamers accept, having no other choice, and they set off on their first mission in this strange new world. Being men from the modern world and lacking certain important skills like sword fighting, can they survive the perils of the wilderness?

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  1. Ah, the Dreamlands. A land of wonder and infinite terror. Cities beyond comprehension, creatures that are so strange they cannot be even be imagined. . .

    . . . and Aaron fights a horse.

    Never change, RPPR. 😀

  2. Glad to see this pop up as I was wanting more RPPR AP to listen to while waiting on Steam Sale stuff to download. Not sure if the spear is different in Invictus but also in the Cthulhu Dark Ages book (pretty much the same from the sound of what you picked Ross, long spear in Dark Ages=base 15% & 1d10 damage).

    Curious to see how this turns out with the wacky stuff in the Lovecraft dreamlands plus this group. Can’t wait until they run into the feline army if it’s in the scenario.

  3. so my username is an anagram of my real name? but I don’t know if I would’ve adopted it if it didn’t remind me of “the crawling chaos.” such a good epithet. I love hearing it.

    I haven’t gotten to the end yet so no useful comments here

  4. Wow, long time listener, first time replier here. Just want to say that this is shaping up to be my favorite campaign of all of them. And I have heard everything you all have produced (though there are still a few episodes of Raillery to go yet…).
    My only comment would be that I would of pushed to make a camouflage check instead of a stealth check while hiding under the bodies to ambush the crazy old gaffer on the mountain. To me and those that I play with, that skill is as rarely used as Use Heavy Machinery.
    Keep up the great work RPPR gang, I’ll be listening…
    Also, Ross, if those games your developing, Ruin and Masks, are as cool as they seem their going to be I will definitely bankrupt myself to pay into your projects! 🙂

  5. Ah…Aaron had a slightly better time with the horses here than Caleb had at Fear the Con. They didn’t get the trample attack of on him, which is fortunate.

  6. Caleb, never knowingly not channelling George Smiley. The trying to sell the oracle outcome for spear carrying duty was epic.

  7. shit’s weird. I dunno how to feel about it. it’s cool, but so far I’m not sure I like how Ross is running it (/the campaign structure as written). things like “you travel for seven days”–really? they made no choices in that time? nothing mattered? nothing was interesting? especially in a place where time is as defunct as it is in the Dreamlands, I’d think periods were defined by interest, not by time-that-is-not-time.

    but Ross said on tweeter that he thought it picked up around session five, so. it’s still cute and hilarious and fun to listen to, even if it doesn’t show !!!craft!!!

  8. @Crawkill, while I can agree with your stance on the players not being given any little screen time or choices of minor activities during a travel period (Maybe they could have been asked what they were doing in the span of the 7 days or so to add a little more flavour) Sometimes it’s just as good to have the dotted line zigzag across the map to move the game/story along to the main focus.

    And while I’m on the subject of this game, it sounded like Ross was reading from the book for portions of the game to give details or descriptions. If thats what was happening then thats fine, since the game is from a campaign book and there’s only so much memorizing of material a GM can do, especially for a campaign like this. It just reminded me of my own running of printed material, where I realize after running it, I personally dislike having to read from a book during play, it breaks part of the immersion to me… not exactly a complaint more of an observation that made me think on my own GMing issues.

    Love the games, hope the madness continues.

  9. What… is the airspeed of an unladen shantak?!?

  10. So we’ve had dog punching and horse punching…can we request cow punching next?

  11. you can always count on Arron to blurt out the worst things

  12. Why, yes, constuctacon. Yes you can. 🙂

    I haven’t read my (e)book yet, but it is quite big, and I can see how it sounds like Ross is reading out of a book, RC. From my skimming through the book, it looks like you could have many different encounters/outcomes to your decisions.

    Currently listening to episode 3, and I thought Caleb playing the denying dreamer was going to annoy me, but I think he’s pulling it off. Can’t wait to see what happens when his character realizes it’s all real. (relatively real, in the Dreamlands…)

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